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Computer slowing down significantly – Make PC faster easily

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on January 17th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Is your computer slowing down significantly and you do not know how to do? Yeah, working or studying on a slow running PC is a frustrated experience as it can be a waste of time. But it is a fact that every computer can run slow as time goes due to some problems associated you’re your network connection, hardware, or installed software. However, this does not mean that you cannot make the PC faster again. With the following tips, you can instantly make it run like new again.

make PC faster

When your computer significantly slows down without any reason, instantly check & remove spyware from your computer. Spyware acts as any technology that aids in silently collecting private or commercial information about a person or organization, with gaining their knowledge or permission. Once the spyware is highly active on your computer, you may need to pay much attention to your private information and identity files, including your ID numbers, email information, driver’s license number and genetic information. In addition, the spyware combines with hidden components that secretly track and note down your login credentials to online bank and then transfer them to a third-party website for business purposes. This may consume huge amount of system resources and cause severe network connection failure. Once you have totally removed spyware, you may have no need to ask “How to make my computer faster”.

Secondly, disable some unnecessary startup options. We know that the computer has to load all the startup items before booting into the system. Hence, if there are too many programs to load at one time, it will be a great burden just like a human being. So the second step to make PC faster is to directly go to Start -> Run -> type “msconfig” and press “Enter” to get into the System Configuration Utility to disable the unneeded services within “Service” tab and unnecessary startup items within “Startup” tab.

Thirdly, uninstall any unwanted or malicious programs from your computer. Have you ever installed or enabled tons of undesirable programs on your computer when your computer is a brand-new one? Are there any unwanted programs that are set to run at the system startup and drastically slow down your system performance? If you say yes, uninstall them without hesitation as they may eat up system resources and make computer slow down. To totally get rid of the unwanted programs from your computer, you need to enable an ultra-powerful program uninstaller on your computer to help you fix the problem.

After the above steps, defragment your hard disk regularly. You know that no matter whenever you start the computer starts, or no matter when you add/remove files, it will read through the whole system to locate all needed files. If the disk has been fragmented because of lots of disorder files/folder, it will slow down the data access and then greatly slow down computer speed. A simple and regular disk defragmentation job will help you do this job quickly to faster data access and make PC faster easily.

The last step is to make PC faster remove all registry errors by running an advanced registry cleaning utility regularly. We know that Windows registry is a place that used to store all information and settings of the hardware & software on the computer. That is why registry is regarded as the component to control the proper running of the computer. Only with a clean registry, can the computer and all applications run properly without problems. However, as time passes and program installation & uninstallation, Windows registry is very easy to get corrupted or full with some unnecessary leftover entries. Such errors will greatly affect overall computer performance and stability by significantly slowing down computer performance and appearing different kinds of computer error messages such as error code 0X8024402.

Still wondering how to make PC faster easily? The above tips can help you fix certain issues on your own. Besides, there are some free software programs such as Registry Easy available on the market that you can use to easily optimize PC performance. Such tool helps to easily detect and fix all errors inside the computer, make it faster instantly. So, why not start running it right now if your computer slowing down significantly??

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