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Computer startup error – Common causes and solutions to computer startup errors

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Have you ever encountered an error message such as BCCode error 124 or error code C0000005 while starting up the computer? Typically, Windows startup error is one of the common errors that lots of users will encounter while using the PC, and stop you from booting up the computer properly. Even though many aspects can bring in the happening of a computer startup error, here I will show you the most common causes and solutions to this PC issue.

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To prevent and fix computer startup errors, you should always update your anti-virus/spyware programs and run it regularly. As we all know that virus will always create garbage in the PC registry, automatically load some unnecessary services and things that will reduce the PC performance. So it is necessary to always update the anti-virus installed on your computer to make sure that you are always using the latest virus database. Then, regularly detect and remove any threat that inside on your computer.

One another cause for computer startup error has something to do with Windows drivers. We know that, drivers are importantly needed to properly establish the relationship between the software and hardware on the computer. Hence, they need constant updates in order to always perform at their optimal. However, faulty drivers are mostly one main cause of the computer errors if you have not updated them correctly. So, the second thing that you need to do when trying to get rid of computer startup errors is to directly search the internet for correct updates and install them onto your computer; but do remember to download ones that compatibly works on your computer. Besides, it is best that you can download and install all available Windows update services, which helps to improve computer performance and strengthen PC’s ability against viruses.

Also, you should optimize startup items. Normally, Microsoft will take a unilateral decision to start some services that do not need by lots of PC users. Besides, when installing programs on the computer, some will automatically add entries to run at Windows startup. Though each takes a few system resources and memory, it will be a large amount if accumulated together. This will greatly slow down a computer. So an optimization on the startup items is urgently needed to make computer run at top speed without a startup error message: go to “Start” ->Run ->use the “msconfig” to access System Configuration Utility, and then disable the services /programs that do not need to automatically run within Services /Startup tab.

Finally, fix Windows registry. No matter what program you install on the computer, it will add some registry entries into windows registry so as to make sure a proper running. But when uninstalling programs, some will leave some useless registry items /abandoned code in the registry. This will increase the difficulty to quickly start up the computer and finally causes a computer startup error. Besides, if the computer cannot find the required entries within the database to perform some tasks correctly, numerous error messages will display. To make the computer run at top speed, it is necessary to always optimize Windows registry to ensure a compact and easier-to-be-accessed registry.

Simply speaking, every machine will come to the chance to get a computer startup error message no matter how brand new it is right now if it lacks of proper maintenances. Take and keep on doing the above one-by-one steps in your daily life, then I believe you can easily enjoy a computer without frequent errors.

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