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Computer won’t boot due to status 0XC00000e9? Fix computer error 0XC00000e9 now

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“Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause…
file: \windows\system32\config\system
status: 0XC00000e9”

computer won't boot

Boot up the computer and get the above status 0XC00000e9 error & fail to start up computer as normal? Yeah, it is quite annoying to get error messages (whichever type it is) while using the computer. But how can you prevent and solve such computer won’t boot problem due to a status 0XC00000e9 error message?

Sometimes, a status error 0XC00000e9 message happens due to a temporary issue on the computer. When getting it, restart the computer to see whether you are able to get into the system properly as usual.

Secondly, it can be caused by a missing, broken system file. If at this time, reboot the computer and put in the Windows installation disk while the system is going to boot; make your computer to boot form the disk; then, select the ‘startup repair’ option. Thus, the computer will perform the repair function on its own and solve all errors causing inside the computer, which cause the status error 0XC00000e9.

Thirdly, it is highly recommended that you can do a complete Driver update for Windows in Safe mode. The reason for why you should load up the system in safe mode is that it helps to prevent Windows from loading any drivers or software that may be compatible with the one you are trying to install. Drivers are really needed to establish the relationship between the machine and the hardware devices. If the system cannot locate and run them correctly while starting up the computer, it won’t boot up correctly together with a status 0XC00000e9 error message appearing or a blue screen error message.

However, the one that you should not ignore while suffering from a computer won’t boot due to status 0XC00000e9 error is to clean up computer registry errors. The registry acts as a database for all Windows-based operating systems, and stores all information of the hardware & software installed on the PC. As time goes, lots of useless, broken, invalid entries will be recorded in this database, making it the major cause from many PC issues including the status error 0XC00000e9 in booting up the PC. Thus, you need to completely scan the whole PC and get rid of all such errors existing within the registry database. Generally, the way to clean the registry is to use the registry cleaner tool, which would make a scan of all items in your registry and fix all the detected errors. Right now, there are several registry cleaner tools available on the internet and you can download and install on to do the registry repair job instantly for you.

Still cannot boot up computer because of a status 0XC00000e9 error message? Get the best computer optimization utility here. It will completely scan the whole PC and deal with all errors inside the PC that causing the computer boot up error easily.

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