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Cygwin1.dll is missing – Solutions to fix cygwin1.dll error quickly

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The file cygwin1.dll is a file belonging to the Cygwin program and sometimes shared by some other programs to ensure the smooth running of the computer or some certain programs. However, while running the program or starting up the PC, some users will keep on getting a message saying that: “The program can’t start because cygwin1.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem”. This is an indication to tell that the program or system cannot be able to find the cygwin1.dll file correctly. If you are facing with this problem, follow me and you can solve the error as quickly as you can.

fix cygwin1.dll error

What causes a cygwin1.dll file to go missing?
Cygwin1.dll error is a common system error that is mostly caused by missing or damaged cygwin1.dll module, incompatible or invalid version of cygwin1.dll module, cygwin1.dll error repair failure, incorrect uninstall of third- party software, damaged driver files, mysterious registry errors and security problems. Cygwin1.dll error cannot be fixed manually even if you are a highly trained PC expert because the repair process is so complicated for you to handle with.

Simple solutions to fix cygwin1.dll error quickly
To fix the cygwin1.dll is missing problem, first you should also clean out the viruses from your system, as these often cause the nvclp.dll error to appear on your PC. Viruses are small software applications which corrupt and damage a large amount of files on Windows, and often target the most important parts of your system, such as your graphics drivers or similar. You should download and install a reliable antivirus program and use it to remove all the viral infections from your PC.

If the file is mis-removed from the PC, directly copy or download a new cygwin1.dll file for your PC. Once the file is deleted because of a mis-deletion activity, it is unavoidable that you will continuously get the cygwin1.dll error messages. If you cannot find the cygwin1.dll anywhere on your computer, you can directly copy it from other computer with the same operating system or download it from a trusted web and then place it on your computer. By replacing the corrupted or broken cygwin1.dll file on your computer, you can most of the time quickly fix the missing cygwin1.dll or cygwin1.dll not found error.

Also, you should re-install the Cygwin program to solve the dll error. Sometimes, a problem within the Cygwin program itself can bring in the appearance of this cygwin1.dll not found error. To do this, find the program causing the problem. This is the one that will have the error message appear right after you attempt to open it. Go to START -> Control Panel; select the Add / Remove Programs tab and wait for the list of programs to appear. From the list of applications on your computer, choose the program that shows the error and uninstall it by clicking “uninstall” or “remove” button. After that, restart your computer to allow the changes to take place.

Most commonly, the cygwin1.dll error is often caused by the registry issues, which are a result of multiple changes to your operating system.  And you have to repair registry errors frequently so as to prevent such error to happen. As you install & uninstall programs, some registry entries will be added or removed from your registry database. Sometimes, this will completely remove files in the DLL, which of course affects the programs that trying to use it and result in the cygwin1.dll error or dwm.exe error, etc. If this is the case, you can fix the problem by repairing your registry with registry software. Besides, it is recommended that you can also regularly run Windows Disk Defragmenter to ensure the smooth access of your hard disk.

Just bear in mind sometimes the cygwin1.dll is missing error message can bring in some other serious problems to the computer rather than frequent error message. No matter whenever you find the message appears on your screen, immediately follow the above steps to solve it. This way, you can always run the computer correctly without problems.

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