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Dell computer just shut down – Fix unexpected PC shutdown problem now

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Does your Dell computer just shut down suddenly while you are working on some important projects? Do you want to get the computer run correctly all the time without unexpected PC shutdown problem? Yeah, if your Dell computer just shuts down all of a sudden when you are using it, it could be a sign to tell you a software problem, hardware issue or there is risky viruses existing on the PC. No matter what it is, the “fix” can sometimes be quite simple.

fix unexpected PC shutdown

fix unexpected PC shutdown

To prevent and stop unexpected PC shutdown problem, you should install and run an anti-virus program at the background to protect your PC. Viruses and other malware are notoriously known for eating up system resource and slowing down computer performance. So, to make sure your computer is clean and without any infection files is a practical and basic method to prevent the “Dell computer just shut down” problem. In my opinion, we are at risk to be infected by kinds of PC threats though the computer is only for daily use. So, it is recommended that you can let your antivirus running in the background to realtime protect your PC.

Secondly, bear in mind that if a person has to load too many stuff at one time, it will walk much slower. And just like a human being, the more programs run at system starts, the slower the computer will be and the more chance for the computer to shut down unexpectedly. So the second step is to disable some unneeded startup items and services. You can easily do this by going to Start, Run, type “msconfig” in the search box and press Enter to go; then disable the unneeded ones within the “Startup” tab.

Thirdly, uninstall unneeded or undesirable programs. You may have never noticed that how many unwanted programs you have installed on your computer, especially on C:\. The programs on C:\ need to consume system resources while they are running for some of the software manufacturers attempt to gain profits through requiring its components to run at system startup. The more programs you are running from C:\, the more system resources the components consume. These components can dramatically reduce the system performance and slow down PC speed seriously or event cause unexpected Dell PC shutdowns problems. To improve computer performance and prevent undesired PC shutdowns, you may consider enabling Windows Add/Remove app to uninstall the large bundle of the programs you have seldom used.

Fourthly, some invalid files in your hard disk will greatly slow down the computer. After uninstalling the unneeded programs, you should run the Windows disk cleanup program. This will remove files that are no longer needed, saving you space and making your Dell computer run properly without unexpected shutdowns.

Finally, check and fix computer registry errors. Any errors or problems occur in the registry seem to result in further complicated system problems, including system shutdown without notification or distinctive decrease of system performance. This is because the Windows Registry is the key component in the system for storing crucial system settings and files. To fix unexpected PC shutdown problem in a safe and efficient way, you may consider enabling a trustworthy registry cleaner on your computer which combines with a collection of industry leading level tools for keep the registry away from obscure registry errors and large numbers of undesirable registry files.

Stop feeling frustrated when your Dell computer just shut down without a reason. Just action and completely scan your computer with the most advanced computer optimization utility. You will soon find the computer run just like new again!

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