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Detailed Brothersoft Community Toolbar Removal Instructions

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Try to completely delete Brothersoft Community Toolbar from your browser? How to easily and quickly remove all traces of Brothersoft Community Toolbar from your system? If you want to get the best way to uninstall Brothersoft Community Toolbar, you can refer to more detailed tutorial on how to force uninstall toolbars on our site.

How to uninstall Brothersoft Community Toolbar with standard Windows uninstaller?


For Windows 7

1. Click Start Menu, then move to Control Panels.

2. Click Control Panels then open Programs and Features.

3. Click Uninstall or Change Programs on the interface to open it.

4. Navigate to Brothersoft Community Toolbar on the currently installed programs list, and click Uninstall.


For Windows XP

1. Click Start Menu on the taskbar, then move to Control Panels.

2. Click Control Panels then open Add/Remove Programs.

3. Highlight Brothersoft Community Toolbar on the list of currently installed programs.

4. Click Uninstall next to it and follow the prompts to complete the uninstall process.


Also, try this option to clear out the invalid entries after you remove the program. To do so, follow the steps:

1. Click on Start and then type ‘Run’ in the search box. Click on ‘Run’ in the list that comes out. Otherwise you can even Press ‘Win + R’ key combinations.

2. Type ‘Regedit’ and Press on Enter button.

3. Now the Registry Editor window opens up. On the left side of Registry settings, go to the following:


4. You will see a lot of keys which are related to different programs that you installed in your computer. Search these keys until you will find the one that has the key DisplayName with the name of Brothersoft Community Toolbar in it.

5. Check for the key UninstallString – this is the key that points to the uninstall program.

6. Delete the key in which you find DisplayName key with the value equal to Brothersoft Community Toolbar.


If you are not sure of managing Registry, please do not try to attempt this trick. Computer novices are recommended to do an automatic program removal.


Needless to say, a software alternative that will automatically complete the process would be the best option for all of us who are not tech savvy. A Perfect Uninstaller is powerful in force uninstall Brothersoft Community Toolbar or any applications or toolbar like ALOT Toolbar and ShopFree Toolbar. It has been proven to be safe to uninstall Brothersoft Community Toolbar on any Windows system and does what a professional IT engineer does.

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