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Digest.dll is not a valid windows image – Easy tips to repair digest.dll error

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When opening some programs, like the calendar on the clock (Lower right), some might keep on receiving a message saying that “The Application or DLL C:\windows\system32\digest.dll is not a valid windows image. Please check this against your installation diskette”. This might happen on your computer for a couple times and sometimes you can click “OK” to ignore it. However, it is the case that the “digest.dll is not a valid windows image” error message can at some point stop you from booting up the PC, or prevents some updates like Adobe Flash from properly installing. For the security of the computer, you need to repair digest.dll error on your computer immediately.

repair digest.dll error

Why does a “digest.dll is not a valid windows image” error message take place?
To learn how to fix digest.dll error, first you should know what causes it? Normally, there are many causes resulting in this computer error, ranging from software problems to hardware problems. But the most common reasons include: a bad program installation or uninstallation, malicious virus attack, missing dll files or registry files, etc. So you should perform the exact correct solutions to fix the missing digest.dll error or digest.dll not found error on your computer. Otherwise, it may cause kinds of unexpected errors just like STOP error 0X00000074 together with a blue screen at any time.

Easy tips to repair digest.dll error
It is normal that the digest.dll error is caused because of a mis-deletion activity. If you cannot find the digest.dll anywhere on your computer, there is no doubt that it must be mis-deleted when uninstalling programs or other unneeded files. Hence, you can directly copy it from other programs or download it from a safe web and then place it on your computer.

If the digest.dll error message appears soon after you install a specific program, the problem may be caused by program inflicts. To solve it, you should uninstall the program to see whether it solves the problem. If not, it is not difficult to decide that the problem is caused by the program you just installed. To prevent and fix digest.dll error, do not reinstall it! You can search the web for some other alternative software.

Thirdly, thoroughly scan your computer to ensure that it is clean with no virus. All PC threats including viruses, spyware programs are able to attack and remove any files from the computer. Once the digest.dll error is deleted by viruses or spyware, the program will fail to read the digest.dll file and results in the digest.dll missing problem. So do remember to detect your computer and remove all PC threats from your computer.

Finally, fix registry problems. Make sure that your registry is in top shape, clean, and organized by downloading a registry cleaner because a simple mistake in registry will result in unexpected problems to the computer. A registry cleaner will quickly fix digest.dll not found errors by checking and replacing any corrupt files in your registry. If not, when the computer cannot recall the required entries to start up the computer or launch your certain programs, you will soon get an error saying “digest.dll is not a valid windows image”.

As you can learn from the above discussion, a minor mistake on the computer can stop you from running the computer by showing a “digest.dll is not a valid windows image” error message or something similar. But it is lucky that you are able to perform some rather simple ways to prevent such digest.dll error from occurring unexpected. So, why not start performing those PC maintenance steps from now on???

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