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Disk Antivirus Professional – How Can I Remove Disk Antivirus Professional from My PC

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on February 1st, 2013 | Leave a comment

Is your computer infected by Disk Antivirus Professional? Do you know how the malware accesses your computer when you have a security program? You’d better get a closer look at this program before it ruins your pc completely. Disk Antivirus Professional is a member from rogue program family, which can not provide any particle protection and is only designed to cheat money from victims. The fake security program uses fake alerts to cheat users into downloading and install it. And then it pretends to scan the computer thoroughly and pick up malicious items. When you click remove button, you will be informed that you have to purchase the full version of Disk Antivirus Professional first. It is a common trick used by most fake antivirus programs such as XP Antivirus 2012. It is highly recommended not to waste time and money on the rogue program.

How to remove Disk Antivirus Professional completely
There are two way to get rid of the rogue program. Manual removal is one of the options, but it is seldom used because of its uncertainty and risk. Most users prefer to use a virus removal program. As I mentioned, the rogue program will scan for AV running processes and then remove them from the memory. So you need to find a virus removal program that will not be stopped by Disk Antivirus Professional. In this circumstance, those famous antivirus programs should not be in your consideration, as the worm creators will absolutely set them to be stopped.

How to remove Disk Antivirus Professional
1. Run task manager and stop the following processes


2. Delete related files from pc


3. Run registry editor and delete associated registry entry

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce “[RANDOM NUMBERS AND CHARACTERS]“

Best removal way
The best removal way is to scan the compromised computer with a professional virus removal program, which can effectively picks up all components of Disk Antivirus Professional and meanwhile reduces the risk of damaging the system. A virus removal program has a scan engine which can analyze thousands of files rapidly and sort out those suspicious and malicious. After a scan, users can click a couple of buttons to get rid of detected threats. Using a virus removal program has become a common way to protect computer. Your first choice to remove Disk Antivirus Professional completely is to use such a program no matter you are an advanced pc user or not. At last, we recommend Spyware Cease for users who are looking for an effective virus removal program.

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