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Disk Write Error – Causes and Solutions

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Keep getting a disk write error message when trying to access a disk or a folder? We know that all the files on the computer are saved on a hard disk drive so as to maintain the proper running of the computer and the software. Besides, all of our saved files are also stored within the hard disk. When fail to access them, the computer or some certain programs will run improperly. More seriously, a disk write error can severely cause unexpected important data loss. Thus, it is quite vital that you should learn how to deal with it as quickly as you can.

hard disk error

In some cases, a disk write error can be caused due to an incorrect BIOS setting. The first thing you should do when getting this error is to restore BIOS settings to their default levels:
* Press F1 or F2 to enter CMOS setup during windows boot
* Find out and click an option to reset the CMOS values to the default setting or an option to load the fail-safe defaults.
* You would be asked if you are sure you wish to load the defaults, press Y key in your keyboard.
* Save and Exit BIOS to confirm the action. Then, try accessing your disk, folder again to see whether the disk write error has been solved or not.

After the above steps, you should restore system files. System files are needed to ensure the proper running of the computer and every PC task. If some have been mis-deleted from the computer, you will fail to perform some PC requests correctly. So if possible, insert your system Installation Disk and then click “Repair” as prompted to repair your system. By the way, to always run the computer and access all of your desired files correctly, it is highly recommended that you can regularly run the System File Checker utility to scan and replace some missing, corrupted files.

Sometimes, some recently installed programs can work incompatibly with the system and stop you from accessing some files correctly by showing a disk write error. If so, undo any change that made in your computer. When getting the error messages, you should think whether you have installed some new program in your computer recently. Sometimes, the program may do not work compatibly with other ones in your computer. By uninstalling the program and restarting your computer, the disk read error would be fixed immediately at most of the time.

Fourthly, you have to bear in mind that only updated device drivers can correctly translate information between your system and software applications, stopping the disk write error or DVD burner not found error easily. To do this, just follow the steps here:
* Right-click My Computer and open the Device Manager;
* Check whether there is any yellow exclamation mark
* Right-click the marked hardware
* Choose Update Driver

Then, detect and remove any virus and worms from your computer. Virus, Trojans and worms are well known to change the system settings or remove any files from the computer as well as collect/steal personal information. When the system cannot locate its needed files/processes properly, it will eventually cause the disk write error messages. So, do remember to pay several minutes to scan & remove any threat from the computer.

But in many cases, the disk write error can also be caused due to the errors in Windows registry and you have to repair registry errors immediately. Windows registry is the most important element for all Windows-based system to store the settings and options of all the hardware & software on the computer; and every time, you start the computer and running any specific program, it will read through the whole registry database for all the corresponding entries. So when something goes wrong in Windows registry, you will come to the chances to get the error messages and some other computer error message when using the computer.

Well, those are the common causes and solutions to the disk write errors. To secure the security of your hard disk and all your files, you’d better well maintain the computer in daily computer life. Only in this way, can you run the computer and access what you want properly without an error.

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