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Easier and Swifter Way to Uninstall Bing Bar from Your Computer

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Bing Bar is a browser extension toolbar for Internet Explorer, developed by Microsoft. Maybe you have enough toolbars search engines on your computer. If you certainly don’t need to have Bing Bar, you would like to have it removed completely. The following instruction will help you uninstall Bing Bar easily and swiftly.

How to remove Bing Bar from your browser?

1. Click Tools on the top of the browser. Then click Add-ons.

2. Locate to Extensions and then select the Bing Bar on the list.


3. Click on the Uninstall button for the Bing Bar and it will be uninstalled from your browser.

4. Click the Uninstall button to confirm you want to uninstall the Bing Bar.

The simple guide above will help users to uninstall Bing Bar from your browser, however, sometimes the process is not as smooth as it may seem, and it may leave some fragments of the toolbar on your computer.

To make sure that there is none of file associated Bing Bar locating on your computer, you can search from “Start”. Regarding to the registry, go to the Run => Regedit to delete/disable the registry key relating to Bing Bar. But it is almost impossible to finish this step for not all people are professional on computers. Other than that, as registry plays a very important role to your PC, any improper operation will disastrously make the computer corrupted.

The Easiest, Quickest Way to Uninstall Bing Bar

An advanced uninstaller will not only uninstalls Bing Bar but also some other applications. Especially when your Bing Bar is corrupted or running with errors, you can force uninstall it without your knowledge of editing registry information. There is one option that can be downloaded and tested for free called the Perfect Uninstaller. It is highly recommended by computer experts and is used by a number of different companies to keep their systems clean.

Worrying about you may not fully uninstall unwanted programs by yourself? Not to worry. Bing Bar and other toolbars can be removed within minutes by Perfect Uninstaller.

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