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Easily Uninstall and Remove Registry Turbo from Computer

on January 17th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Registry Turbo is an all in one Pc optimizer with many inbuilt features that cleans up the system errors that are generated from system registry files and other junk files. Do you have to upgrade your Registry Turbo? If you want to make certain that a new version installs smoothly, then it is necessary for you to fully remove the old Registry Turbo. How to ensure the complete removal of PC maintenance program? Here I will list some methods you can adopt to remove Registry Turbo from your PC.


First solution: Uninstall it from the Start menu

1) Close all the process related to Registry Turbo from Windows Tasky Manager.

2) Click Start>Programs or All programs> Registry Turbo>Uninstall Registry Turbo.

3) Reboot the computer.


Second solution: Remove the program from the Windows Control Panel:

1) Close all open programs on your computer.

2) Go to the “Start” menu on your computer, then select “Settings”.

3) Select “Control Panel” then click on the “Add or Remove Programs” icon.

4) Find “Total Anti Malware Protection” in the list of programs, select it and click on the “Remove” button to its right.

5) Follow the on-screen prompts to remove the application.

6) Restart your computer.


Whenever you uninstall a program either with its own uninstaller or “Windows Add or Remove Programs” applet, there may leave leftovers behind. These broken registry and large number of unnecessary files would gradually burden the system and make it slower and slower. If possible, you need to further delete components of Registry Turbo left in your system.


Step1: Go into Windows Explorer, find the Desktop folder in your profile (not too difficult, in XP its Documents and Settings\yourusername\Desktop) and set the view to detail.

Step2: Repeat with Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop (All Users is the folder that holds the icons that are user-independent).
Step3: If you find Registry Turbo, you should be able to delete it.

Step4: Click the “Start” button and choose the “Run” option. Type “regedit” in the “Open” field and click the “OK” button.

Step5: Navigate to find the needed registry key and value. Select the value you want to edit, click the right mouse button on it and choose the “Delete” option. Warning! Make sure you delete entries associated with Registry Turbo!

Step6: Close the Registry Editor and reboot a computer for changes to take an effect.


If you have no idea going through the manual process since those entries stay deep in your system and hard to pinpoint, you can always download specialist software to uninstall Registry Turbo product. There are a few programs that are available online. The Perfect Uninstaller is able to completely remove Registry Turbo with its Force Uninstall utility that automatically look deep into your system and erase everything regarding the files and registry based on the directories you provide. It also has an option normal “Uninstall” option that will delete any software that Windows is having trouble with. After my several tests, I also find program perfectly works in uninstalling TuneUp Utilities 2010 and PCSleek Free Error Cleaner.

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