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Ecostartpage.com – How to Remove Ecostartpage.com Browser Hijacker easily

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remove Ecostartpage.comEcostartpage.com is classified as an unsecured website that is associated with browser hijacker virus like Tazinga virus. The site contains a search system which does not function like a normal search engine. We consider it as a fake one. When your web browser is constantly redirected to Ecostartpage.com, your computer is certainly infected by the browser hijacker. The infection can change browser settings such as homepage, default search site, DNS settings and as on. The fake search system tries to promote sites that will pay back to it for increasing traffic. When you search something on Google, Yahoo or other legitimate search system, the result will be redirected to Ecostartpage.com and your search inquiries will be recorded down for displaying related advertisement.

How to get rid of Ecostartpage.com
Since the problem is caused by browser hijacker virus, you can stop the redirection by removing the virus completely. A virus removal program is the common tool used to deal with various pc threats. Do you have an antivirus program on your computer? If yours does not remove Ecostartpage.com effectively, you have another two ways.

Method one: manual solution
Manual way is used by experts or advanced pc users who can troubleshoot pc problem. To remove the browser hijacker virus, you need to find out what files and registry entries Ecostartpage.com virus dropped on the computer and then you need to remove them completely.
1. Exit web browser
2. Remove temporary files
3. Find out Ecostartpage.com files and delete them
4. Remove malicious registry entries from windows registry

Method two: a specialized Ecostartpage.com removal software
For common pc users a virus removal program is always the best solution. Even though not every antivirus program can delete the browser hijacker virus, you can find an effective one here. Powerful antispyware programs like Spyware Cease can detect the infection, wipe it off and repair windows registry intelligently. Regarding the removal of Ecostartpage.com browser hijacker, an antispyware program is more recommended than common antivirus programs. You may not know the difference between them, but it doesn’t matter. Spyware Cease, an antispyware program, is recommended to remove browser hijacker virus. You can download the software and get rid of the infection immediately.

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