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Effective Anti Trojan Elite Uninstall Ways – How to Fully Remove Anti Trojan Elite from PC

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Anti Trojan Elite is a malware remover that can remove trojan and spyware, system security management. Have need to uninstall Anti Trojan Elite? If you have any experience on uninstalling computer security program, it will cause some unexpected error to the computer. So do you want to correctly and thoroughly remove Anti Trojan Elite from your PC? Just follow tutorial below.

To uninstall Anti Trojan Elite, you can first try the Windows built-in Add/Remove Programs utility that comes onto your PC to do the job for you.

Tip 1: Go to the “Start Menu”, select “Control Panel”, and click on “Add/Remove Programs”. (If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, select “Control Panel”, click on “Uninstall a Program”.)

Tip 2: Search for Anti Trojan Elite in the list, select the program, click on the “Remove” button. (If you are using Windows Vista/7, click on “Uninstall” up near the top of that window.)

Tip 3: Click on “Uninstall”.

Tip 4: Then restart your computer. Anti Trojan Elite should be gone.

If Anti Trojan Elite won’t uninstall, you can open the registry browser to remove the program from the list of installed programs.

Step 1: Click Start and choose Run in the menu.

Step 2: Type regedit and hit Enter.

Step 3: On the left side is the registry settings tree, use it to go to


Step 4: Inside that key you’ll find a lot of keys that belong to different programs. Look through until you find one that has the key DisplayName (on the right) with Anti Trojan Elite in it.

Step 5: Notice the key UninstallString – this key points to the uninstall program, and the log file usually resides in the same folder as that program.

Step 6: Delete the key in which you’ve found the DisplayName key with the value equal to Anti Trojan Elite.

To safely & completely uninstall Anti Trojan Elite from the computer, it is highly recommended to use the uninstaller application to do the uninstalling job for you.

Program like Perfect Uninstaller can fully uninstall the unwanted Anti Trojan Elite from your computer without interfering with any other operations. It is a useful utility that searches for and gets rid of any extra bits of old programs that may be lurking in the background files of your computer and it helps you speed up your PC by removing junk files, duplicate files and invalid registry entries.

Hope this solution will benefit for you when uninstalling security program such as PC Tools AntiVirus and Zemana AntiLogger.

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