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Effective Steps to Uninstall Lottery Cracker World from PC

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on January 5th, 2013 | Leave a comment


Lottery Cracker World is an application that analyses lottery draw numbers for patterns and displays the results in graphs and charts. Whenever you find Lottery Cracker World is outdated, you may need to uninstall it from your computer. Removing Windows software is not an easy task for a computer newbie, but with a few good tips in this article, you can get the job done.

Here is a guide that may be of use to you in trying to get rid of Lottery Cracker World from your PC.

1. Click Start.

2. Click All Programs, and then open the Accessories folder (skip this step in Windows XP).

3. Click Run, and then click in the Open box.

4. Type appwiz.cpl, and then click OK.

5. Locate the Lottery Cracker World entry in the list of currently installed programs.

6. Select it, and then click Uninstall (or Remove in Windows XP).


Next, you have to advance to part 2 to remove Lottery Cracker World related files and registry entries by manual.

1. Open Search to make a full search for Lottery Cracker World related files. (When you open it, please keep in mind to select Local Hard Drives as your search scale.)

2. Delete all the files it shows before you.

3. Turn to Start Menu and then go to Run.

4. Enter regedit and then click OK to open Registry Editor.

5. Under folder HKEY_CURRENT_USER and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, you will find Lottery Cracker World related entries. Please delete them once for all.

6. Lastly, reboot your PC.


If you have problems uninstalling the Lottery Cracker World manually, go to the next method. I will introduce an uninstaller that can be used to force remove any unwanted program including Lottery Cracker World on your PC. By comparison, Perfect Uninstaller can guarantee a complete removal while windows add/remove program will leave corrupted registry entries on your computer.


Thoroughly and completely remove Lottery Cracker World in steps:

1. Download and run Perfect Uninstaller on your computer

2. Press Crtl + Alt + Del at the same time to bring up the Windows task manager. Click on the Applications tab to highlight Lottery Cracker World and the click on “End Task”.

3. Find the directory in the hard drive where you locate Lottery Cracker World; right click the directory to select “Force Uninstall” to start the removal.

4. Follow the on screen steps to finish the removal.


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