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Effective Ways to Remove Search.certified-toolbar.com Virus

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on January 18th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Search.certified-toolbar.com is a malicious domain related to browser hijacker virus that can change your web browser settings like homepage, bookmark list and default search engine. When your computer is infected, your web browser will be redirected to Search.certified-toolbar.com no matter you search. You can find some unknown websites are added to your bookmark list and google does not function normally. The malicious website provides a search engine system that will only display ads results and malicious sites associated with malicious downloads. If you click on the links mistakenly, rogue program may access your system immediately. Moreover, the site may install a suspicious toolbar when you visit it, so that Search.certified-toolbar.com can track your browsing data and the use the data for marketing purpose.

Are you one of the victims of the browser hijacker virus? Do you know how to get rid of it quickly? Here are two ways to remove Search.certified-toolbar.com from your pc.

Manual removal
If you have experienced pc skills you can troubleshoot the problem and remove all components of the infection including malicious toolbar, files and registry entries. If you are not sure whether you can locate the malicious files correctly, I recommend you not to take the risks.
1. Stop Search.certified-toolbar.com related processes
2. Uninstall related toolbar
3. Search for associated files and delete them
4. Modify windows registry

Automatic removal
If you can not remove the browser hijacker virus manually, automatic way will surely help you out of the trouble. A virus removal program can detect Search.certified-toolbar.com effectively and provide simple solution to wipe it off. If you have an antivirus program, it is the first one you should try. When your antivirus program fails, it is time to download another security program like Spyware Cease, which can wipe off browser hijacker virus effectively.

Spyware Cease is tested to be able to remove Search.certified-toolbar.com and many other redirect viruses. It is also recommended to upgrade your web browser and repair system vulnerability by the software.

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