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Error 0251 – How to fix error 0251 easily?

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on February 3rd, 2013 | Leave a comment

Keep on getting an error saying “CMOS bad” on startup with error message 0251? Want to run the PC properly all the time without any warning? I think this is the hope of all every computer user, but it is inevitable for them to suffer from various error messages such as l3enc.dll not found rather than the error 0251. Don’t be so upset when receiving this startup error code, and here is you can get solutions to fix it easily.

computer startup error

When getting the error 0251again and again, the first thing you should do is to check the connector and make sure that it is working correctly without problem. Then, you’d better reset the cmos battery to set the bios to default settings. To do this, directly follow the steps here:

*Turn on the computer and press the F2 key that will open the BIOS menu.
* Look for the option on the main BIOS page to “Load Default Settings” or “Reset CMOS Values to Default.”
*Press “Y” to confirm your action, save the changes you made and exit the BIOS setup.
* Then, turn off the computer. Disconnect the power cable and use the Philips screwdriver to open the computer casing.
*Slide away the side panel of the casing to access the motherboard.
*Look for the CMOS battery, and remove it carefully from its slot. Sometimes, you have to wait at least five minutes before putting it back in.
*Close the computer casing, reconnect the power cable and restart your computer. And now, the BIOS should be back to its default factory settings.

Also, remember that hard drive errors also become one of the most causes of the error 0251 message. It’s simple, consumers demand more space and the hard drives companies have responded by producing massive 500 GB drives that are fast enough to spin at speeds of 10,000 RPM. However, some hard disk errors will stop you from starting up the computer correctly. For this concern, regularly check and fix the hard disk problems by performing some Windows built-in utilities.

Thirdly, you’d better check and make sure the computer is totally virus clean. Some viruses are able to get onto the computer without your permission. They will prevent you from installing or running some applications correctly, attack and remove any system file from the PC, causing various computer error messages when the computer cannot recall the required files. To always make the computer run smoothly, you’d better well protect the computer with a professional antivirus antispyware program.

Lastly, I think you should not forget to scan and fix Windows registry errors. Registry is a massive database and source of reference for the smooth running of the computer and some other hardware & software. However, as time goes cluttering in Windows registry database is usually seen in 94% of the personal computers all around the world. A simple error in Windows registry will gradually can some unexpected problems to the computer just like PC startup error 0251, slow computer performance, numerous runtime error messages, desperate blue screen errors and so on. When the system fails to read through the database for some entries to load the system, a startup error message will pop up immediately. Besides, a clean and compact registry database is what you should ensure when trying to always enjoy stable computer performance. So, instantly fix registry errors right now and you will be able to run all your desired games without problems.

Typically, a startup error like error 0251 can interrupt the smooth running of the computer; but with those steps, you can easily maintain PC performance and stop it from happening unexpectedly.

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