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Error 0X00000116 fix – Solve blue screen error 0X00000116 on your own

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“STOP Error 0X00000116: VIDEO_TDR_ERROR”

0X00000116 blue screen error

0X00000116 blue screen error

When the computer experiences a hardware or software problem, it may shut down or crash all of a sudden by displaying a blue screen stating that the system has been shut down to prevent further damage to your PC. And the STOP error 0X00000116 is the most common one that PC users will encounter while using the PC. It might be common to encounter the error code 0X00000116 for only one or two times if you have used the computer for a very longer time. But if it appears frequently, you have to take instant actions to solve blue screen error 0X00000116 as quickly as you can to prevent some risky damages.

In many cases, a blue screen including the STOP 0X00000116 blue screen is just a temporary issue and can be fixed after a system reboot. So, when getting the blue screen, directly restart it to see whether the blue screen has gone or not.

However, most of the time, a 0X00000116 blue screen errors are typically caused by viruses as they are able to attack & remove any file from the computer and eat up a large amount of system resources, causing the computer to show a blue screen when it cannot locate the file to run some computer correctly. So, do remember to run an adware, spyware, and virus scanner to thoroughly scan your whole PC and get rid of all PC infections. You can obtain this software for free from the Internet. By the way, to always ensure the smooth running of the computer without some unneeded messages, it is highly recommended that you should let your computer protection program always running in the background to realtime block & remove all potential threats.

Thirdly, you should find correct drivers and keep them up to date in order to prevent the 0X00000116 blue screen error and some other BSOD error in future. The driver is such a program that helps to establish a relationship between the hardware and your computer, to make it run properly. However, the outdated drivers will stop them to do this job correctly and bring in the annoying blue screen error messages. So, do remember to check & install all available drivers & Windows update service packs on your PC. All these helps to ensure a pleasant computer life together enhance computer performance easily. By the way, if you are having some problems such as fatal error C0000034 in installing Windows update service, you can directly visit here.

However, if you encounter the 0X00000116 blue screen problem while installing some updates, the problem might be caused due to an incompatible driver, system service, virus programs, or backup. So to prevent and avoid blue screen problems while upgrading, try removing all third-party device drivers and system services and get them back when you are able to install the necessary updates.

Sometimes, the error 0X00000116 can also be caused when something wrong with the computer itself. We all know that the computer can run properly with the help of a database called Windows registry, where all settings and options are saved. However, as you uninstall programs/remove files from the computer, it is unavoidable for some entries left over in this database to severely mess up the whole system. When the system fails to read this database for required entries or processes to perform some certain PC tasks, you will come to the chances to get the blue screen error together with error 0X00000116. So, if the above method does not help to fix the blue screen error 0X00000116 on the computer, you should immediately perform a full registry scan to remove all registry errors from the computer. With a clean and error-free registry database, you can always run the computer and all installed programs correctly.

Do you want to learn how to fix blue screen error 0X00000116 on your own within clicks? Directly visit this page and you can instantly troubleshoot & get rid of the annoying BSOD errors from your computer on your own right now.

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