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Error 0X4001001300001002 fix – Stop and repair error 0X4001001300001002 instantly

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When trying to start a full restore to its original factory condition on HP computer, the users will get this annoying error message: “Error 0X4001001300001002. If this issue continues, please contact HP support” and fail to perform the restore job correctly. What is up? Right now, after talking about the suddenly unexpected PC shutdown problems on Dell computer, I will show you some ways to fix HP error 0X4001001300001002 instantly.

solve error 0X4001001300001002

solve error 0X4001001300001002

First of all, remember that hard drive errors also become one of the most causes of the error 0X4001001300001002 message. It’s simple; consumers demand more space and the hard drives companies have responded by producing massive 500 GB drives that are fast enough to spin at speeds of 10,000 RPM. However, some hard disk errors will stop you from restoring the computer correctly. For this concern, regularly check and fix the hard disk problems by performing some Windows built-in utilities.

Then, you should check & remove all PC threats from the computer. A PC threat is a software program that replicates itself and severely affects the proper running of the computer as they are able to perform a variety of functions, like annoyingly popping up irrelevant messages, deleting files (ie, mssip32.dll file), destroying hard disks, stealing your personal information, etc. When some needed files were attacked and mis-removed from the computer, you will come to the chance to get a error 0X4001001300001002 message upon performing a system restore. According to my own experience, it is best to let your antivirus antispyware program always running in the background to realtime block & remove all threats to the computer.

Sometimes, the outdated BIOS version on your computer can bring in the appearance of the error 0X4001001300001002 when the computer cannot finish your restore job correctly. If possible, you can instantly update the motherboard’s BIOS to the latest one to solve this computer error.

If you are not able to deal with the HP error 0X4001001300001002 with the above solutions, the last step you should do is to check & fix registry errors. We know that Windows registry plays an crucial role in almost all Windows-based system as it is where the most essential data are stored which most programs need so as to run properly & smoothly; at the same time it also holds a large amount of the rubbish files which eventually slow down the computer and bring in kinds of unknown PC errors. As you uninstall a program or remove a file from the PC, some useless files will be left behind. And the accumulation of these trash data greatly affects the performance of the computer. If the system or some other applications cannot find the required entries to do your job as requested, it will show a code 0X4001001300001002 error message. Simply run a registry fix tool and launch it to scan & fix all errors inside your Windows registry; then I believe you will be able to run the computer pleasantly all the time.

By performing the above steps, you will be able to troubleshoot & fix error 0X4001001300001002 easily by yourself without rushing to the computer repair store. To get the error 0X4001001300001002 fixed more safely, it is highly recommended to run the best computer repair tool here. Believe me, it will get you surprised to see how your PC perform after a simple scan and fix!

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