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Error 0X800004005 – How to solve error 0X800004005 quickly?

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On Windows computer, you may come to the chance to get an error 0X800004005 indicating “Unspecified error” when trying to extract an item from a .zip file. This is quite a common error message to extract a .zip file that contains a folder and may stop you from reading the item properly. Just read on and you will get solutions to solve error 0X800004005 quickly.

error code 0X800004005

In many cases, an error 0X800004005 message will look like the one below:
“Copy File
There is already a file with the same name as the folder name you specified. Specify a different name.
Try Again | Skip | Cancel”

If you are at the first time to get the error message, click Skip to directly so as to continue the extract process. However, if the same error message appears, you need to perform the following steps to go.

First of all, make sure the computer is totally virus clean. Many users do not know how their computers are infected by some viruses until the computer performs in a bad situation. Actually, it is the users themselves who bring malicious into their PC but not anyone else. Why do I say this? We know that many users right now do not know how to maintain their computer performance even though they use the computer every day either for work or study. While surfing the Internet, downloading a file, or even chatting on some online chatroom, the computer will get infected. If the file you are trying to extract has been infected, you will come to the chance to get an error 0X800004005 message. Thus, it is quite important that you can immediately scan the whole PC and get rid of all infected PC threats.

To be honest, lots of computer users will come across this computer error 0X800004005 message or some other computer errors just like bad pool header BSOD error after using the computer for a while. That is to say, when first got their computers, the computers usually act well and have nothing wrong with the system. But with the regular use, kinds of errors will come on the neck of another. What is up? That is because something goes wrong within the Windows registry database – a place where stores all vital settings & information of all the hardware and software on the PC. If the system cannot locate the required entries to extract your folder correctly, an error 0X800004005 message will generate. So, to deal with this error, you still need to completely scan your computer with a trusted registry repair tool. Such tool is designed to scan the whole PC and repair all existing errors automatically.

I think, encountering an error 0X800004005 message while extracting an item can be very annoying. It at the same time stops you from fully reading your desired items; at the other side, it is a sign to indicate some unknown errors on the PC. Just follow the above steps, and you will soon fix the error as quickly as you can.

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