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Error 0XC0000428 at startup – Steps to fix error 0XC0000428 effectively

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“A recent hardware or Software change might have installed a file that is incorrectly signed etc. File: \windows\system32\winload.exe.
Status: 0Xc0000428”

fix error 0Xc0000428

Upon starting up the computer, have you ever received an error with the above message and failed to boot up the computer correctly? Some users complained this boot error 0Xc0000428 in many forums, but we still cannot find a comprehensive solution to deal with this PC boot error message. Here, take my own experience as an example, I will sum you up several available steps to fix error 0Xc0000428 effectively.

To fix the error 0Xc0000428, you can first try repairing the Windows installation. Sometimes, a simple missing file or entries will stop the computer from booting up correctly by showing the above error message. To do this, follow these steps:
* Insert your Windows installation disk and restart your computer
* Remember to boot from the CD/DVD Rom
* Choose your language and click Next to continue
* Click “Repair Your Computer” and then select your operating system
* Follow the on-screen steps to finish the repair to the computer
* When the repair finishes, restart the computer and there won’t any error 0Xc0000428 message anymore

If the above steps do not fix the error 0Xc0000428, try these:
*Insert your Windows installation disk and restart the computer
* Select to boot from the DVD
* Choose your language and click “Next” to go
* Click “Repair Your Computer” and then select “Command Prompt”, then type the following command one by one trying to fix the error:
bootrec /fixMBR
bootrec /fixBoot
bootrec /rebuildBCD

Also, to get rid of the error 0Xc0000428 and boot up the computer correctly you can directly try to start the computer by using the Last Known Good Configuration (LKGC). It is a feature to start Windows using the registry and driver configuration that worked the last time when the Windows was started and shut down correctly without problems. Here, I take Windows XP as an example to show you how to do:

*Re-start your computer.
*Press the F8 key when you see the “Please select the operating system to start” message appearing on your screen.
*When you see the Windows Advanced Options menu, use the ARROW keys to select Last Known Good Configuration, and then press Enter.
*Then, the computer will be booted with the configuration that worked the last time you start up or shut down the computer. By the way, if you are running more than one operating systems on your computer, use the ARROW keys to select Microsoft Windows XP, and then press Enter to continue.

Now, I can say that no matter which approaches you take, you will be able to boot up the computer correctly as usual without the error 0Xc0000428 at startup. However, to stop it from appearing in the future, you’d better well maintain the computer performance in your daily life. And the one you should not miss is to check and fix Windows registry errors.

Registry is a database that stores all the important setting and options of the hardware & software on the computer. That is, no matter what changes you have made to the PC, some registry entries will be automatically added to this database. This way, the computer can “remember” these changes and tell the system when & how to perform them correctly. However, registry errors can come to take place as you uninstall/install a program incompletely or when the computer gets infected by some viruses… as time goes, this database can be full with some invalid, broken, useless entries that can greatly slow down the computer or cause some other errors like corrupted explorer.exe & No Audio Output Device installed error to happen. When the system cannot locate the needed entries to start up the computer, you may come to the chance to fail to start it up as well as get an error 0Xc0000428 message. In my opinion, no matter you are suffered from this startup error or not, you’d better regularly fix computer registry errors so as to run the computer properly all the time.

Just like as what I have ever said in my previous posts, a computer startup error either with error 0Xc0000428 or some other error messages can be really annoying. Just follow the above steps, and you will be able to troubleshoot and fix error 0Xc0000428 at startup as quickly as you can!

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