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Error 126 – The specific module could not be found

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Upon opening some Windows Modules Installer services or launching a certain program, you may receive this error message at some point: “Error 126: The specific module could not be found”. Mostly, this error happens while the system or an application tries to regain the required information from a specific DLL file such as msvcr71.dll but the file does not exist on the computer anymore. That is to say, a file that required to run the computer or a specific program is missing, deleted or corrupted.

The specific module could not be found

In my opinion, getting an error 126 message during the usage of the computer can be rather annoying. But it is quite easy to fix it by yourself. First of all, let’s learn together what causes the “The specific module could not be found” message to happen:
*A specific DLL file was mis-deleted from the PC either by yourself or a virus infection.
*The computer is severely infected by some unknown malware.
*The DLL file was mis-deleted as you uninstalled some concerned programs.
*Registry errors cause the error 126 to happen over and over again.

How to fix error 126 easily?
According to the above causes, you can follow the solutions below one by one to repair error 126 on your computer.

First of all, you need to check the Dynamic Link Library file that mentioned in the error message to see whether you are able to find it anywhere of the computer or not. If you can but it is not under the C:/Windows/System32 folder, first scan it with your antivirus program to make sure that it is a safe legitimate system file and copy & paste it to the C:/Windows/System32 folder. This way, the system can locate it correctly without problem. If you fail to locate it, it is mostly probable that it is missing or mis-deleted. At this time, try locating and retrieving the file from your Recycle Bin:

*Double click to open Recycle Bin on your desktop
* Search the respective DLL file mentioned in the error message
*If you are able to find it, right click on it and select restore option
*This will recover the missing/deleted file and get rid of “Error 126: The specific module could not be found” message easily.

If you are unlucky to find the file within the Recycle Bin, search it on the web and download the specific one on your computer. Also, you can directly copy one from other computer that has the same operating system. After pasting it under the C:/Windows/System32 folder once you had make sure that it is virus-free, follow these steps to re-register the file again on your PC:

*Go to Start and the open Run Box
*Type regsvr32 .dll in the command
* Click Enter and follow the on-screen steps to go.

With the above copy& paste, download & re-registration job, you can most of the time get back the required DLL file and instantly remove the “The specific module could not be found” message. To make it simpler, you can sometimes reinstall some concerned programs. It is quite common that some files will be mis-removed as you uninstall a program through Control Panel. If you have recently uninstalled a program and received the error 126 message, reinstall the program again can resolve the error quickly.

Fourthly, you need to completely scan and remove all viruses from the computer. It is quite dangerous to get infected by a virus, as it may severely attack the hard disk and remove any file from the PC. If the system cannot access it smoothly, you will soon get an error 126 message when trying to start up the computer or launch a certain program. To maintain the stable computer running and well protect your computer, run a trusted antivirus antispyware program regularly to detect and remove all existing & potential threats.

Lastly, completely check and repair all registry errors. As most of computer users know, information including program setting, drivers, configuration of the computer, are all stored within the registry database. In short, you can find almost every piece of information of the computer within this database. At time goes by, it become larger and larger as well as full of some useless, invalid or broken entries. Those invalid entries on one side take up precious system space, on the other side gradually cause some unexpected errors to happen. If the system cannot locate the DLL list in this database for the needed entries, you will immediately get an error 126 message when starting up the PC or launching a program. So, it is quite important that you can clean out the registry regularly to get rid of all useless entries, and get back a proper running computer.

Tired of getting error 126 again and again while using the computer? Get the best computer repair tool here and you will soon instantly detect & repair all errors causing the “The specific module could not be found” message to happen.

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