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Error 310 fix – Solve error 310 the quickest way

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“Error 310 (net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS): There were too many redirects.”

error 310 fix

error 310 fix

When using Chrome to download a program or visit a specific page, this error 310 message pops up frequently and stops users to continue the job correctly. I just searched through Google and found that there are many people asking “how to solve error 310 on Google Chrome”, but there is no comprehensive solution at all. Right now, based- on my own experience, I am going to show you some simple error 310 fix steps.

Sometimes, the page that you are going to visit has resulted in too many redirects and finally generates the error 310 message. At this time, you should instantly clear your cookies and in many situations deal with the problem. To clear cookies in Google Chrome, go to Tools (the blue wrench icon) > Options > Under the Hood > Clear Browsing Data. Also, you are able to automatically clear your Google Chrome’s cookies and site data whenever you close the browser. Just go to Tools > Options > Under the Hood > Content Settings > Cookies and select “Clear cookies and other site data when I close my browser”.

If the error 310 message still happens after clearing the cookies, you’d better check and make sure that the date/time setting on your computer is correct without problems:

*Right click on your time on the Windows Taskbar and select “Adjust date/time”.
* Then, select “Internet Time”
* Click on “change settings” and ensure that it is set to “time.windows.com” and then press “Update Now”.
*Also, you should manually adjust the date of your calendar to today’s date and adjust the time to today’s time.
*Re-open your Google Chrome again to see whether you are able to load the webpage that was having the issue without an error 310.

After the two above steps, run your computer protection problem to make sure that the computer is well protected from viruses. There are many ways for a computer to get infected and viruses are able to update themselves so as to get onto your computer. This is why virus attack has been a universal problem faced by millions of computer users. Annoyingly, they are able to hijack your Google Chrome search results and navigate you to some unknown & undesired pages to cause the frequent error 310 messages. No matter you are infected or not, you’d better run your antivirus antispyware program to completely scan the whole PC and get rid of all existing & potential threats. This is what you should not ignore when trying to make the computer always run at top performance.

Last but not least, you should check and repair registry errors. The registry database contains all the important information of the software and hardware on the PC, making it the favorite hang out spot of viruses and malwares. Also, frequent installation and improper un-installation also leaves some corrupt registry files within this database. Over time these entries will accumulate larger, and when your computer needs to find a specific registry key among those unneeded entries, it may take a much longer time and greatly slow down the computer. What is more serious, when a program such as Google Chrome cannot locate its required entries to display your content or finish your download, it will show an error 310 message. To safely solve error 310, it is highly recommended that you can instantly check & fix the computer registry errors. This way, you can enjoy the computer pleasantly all the time.

In a word, though Google Chromes has been claimed as one of the most advanced web browser, it still has some problems such as error 310 that need to be repaired. Just take it easy when you are troubled with thus error, and with the above simple steps you are able to deal with the Google Chrome error 310 the quickest way.

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