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Error 618 on computer – Repair computer error 618

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on March 3rd, 2013 | Leave a comment

It is quite common for the PC users to encounter an error 618 message while using the PC. It usually generates when some corresponding processes or operations could not be completed successfully. Because of this, some users will fail to perform the required action or run the necessary applications. Well, no matter in running which application you get the computer error 618, just take this tutorial to fix it.

computer error 618

Sometimes, the error 618 message on the computer will appear when the file is deleted from your system. You can directly restore this important system file by inserting your original Windows installation CD, or run the System File Checker (SFC) to get it back on your PC.

If the SFC utility does not work to fix computer error 618, you can simply place the operating system installation CD in the drive and reboot the computer. Watch for the message “press any key to boot from CD” then press a key (usually, I use the space bar). However, if you do not get this message, you will need to change the boot options in the BIOS settings to make sure it looks to the CD/DVD drive first. Then, you can select the “Repair” button to completely scan through the whole system and repair all existing errors. But you have to be aware that this method will erase some of your personal files/folders and programs; hence, it is highly recommended that you have to make a backup first before taking this job.

Thirdly, completely scan the whole PC with a trusted antivirus antispyware program and remove all detected viruses. We all know that computer viruses infect millions of computers every day and they are able to destroy data, steal important information, and even make a computer completely unusable. Once the computer infected, you will face with kinds of PC errors besides error 618. So, the third thing you need to do right now is to thoroughly scan the whole computer with a professional antivirus program and remove all PC threats. They will hijack your computer and display the above error messages when you start up the computer.

Sometimes, the outdated BIOS can also be the main cause of the error 618 on computer. To fix the computer error 618, make sure that the BIOS has been updated to the latest version and all values entered in the BIOS are correct or simply reset them to the default settings. By the way, some other outdated drivers in the computer will sometimes bring in this computer error messages or a Windows 7 error 43 message, so do remember to download & install all available updates for other of the hardware & software on the computer. In addition to, you’d better install all available Windows service packs.

Lastly, troubleshoot and repair computer registry errors. The registry is the most important component of the Windows-based operating system. It contains files and entries that give instructions for all the software and hardware on the computer to run correctly. If these files are not working properly, the programs and the computer will not be able to run properly, causing the error 618 message and some other PC errors. Simply fix the registry errors help to make the computer run properly all the time without errors.

Simply speaking, an error 618 on computer may stop the users from running some applications, performing some PC requests properly. But the good news is that, you are able to easily troubleshoot and deal with it with the simple solutions above.

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