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Error 80200002e unable to update – Solve Windows update error 80200002e now

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on April 27th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Does your computer keep hanging during a Windows update process and display an error 80200002e message? Do you want to download and install all available Windows updates & make computer run stably all the time? For the security of the computer, it is advised that you can immediately get rid of the error code 80200002e saying unable to update and install all the recommended updates successfully.

unable to update

Most of the time, you will instantly get an error message displaying when the update job fails. So, the first time you should do when noticing an error 80200002e is to locate the installation error code that the computer recorded when the installation failed. Only after confirming the error code, can you fix the Windows update failure error correctly. To do this, simply perform the below steps:

* Click Start, and then All Programs, and then click Windows Update or Microsoft Update.
* When you are navigating to the Windows Update Web site or the Microsoft Update Web site, click Review your update history. And then a window, which shows all the updates that have been installed or that failed to install on the computer, will open.
*Then, you should click on the Status column on this window to locate the update that failed to install, and then click the red X.
* Soon, a new window will open, displaying the installation error code.
* Copy down the error number and then type it in a search box to see whether you can find some helpful solutions to fix the Windows update error code 80200002e by yourself. If not, turn to next step.

After confirming the error code, try locating it on Google to see whether you can find a possible solution. Then, you can download and reinstall the updates again to solve the update error code 80070020. You can do this by following these steps: Control Panel -> Windows Update -> View Update History. Here, you will see the failed updates, try to download and install them again manually.

To prevent and repair Windows update error code 80200002e, you still need to run a trusted 3rd party firewall/antivirus/antispyware program on the computer. With such product, you can not only block & remove PC threat any time, but also ensure that the update downloads is not mis-deleted as a malware.

Last but not least, repair Windows registry errors. We know that Windows registry will develop inconsistencies during the lifetime of the computer. These inconsistencies might be caused by various hardware failures or by software issues. In most cases, these inconsistencies can severely affect the Windows Servicing Store, and cause a Windows update error code 80200002e to appear and block the user from installing updates & service packs success. And this time, you should either run a registry cleaner to thoroughly scan & fix all registry errors or run the Windows Vista Check for System Update Readiness (CheckSUR) tool to fix this problem.

After fixing the error 80200002e unable to update message, re-download and reinstall all your desired updates successfully on the PC. With an optimized PC, you will be able to enjoy the computer all the time without some unexpected errors.

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