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Error 813 upon wakeup from sleep – Solve error 813 easily

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Upon wake the computer up from sleep, the users might receive an error 813 message which says: “You have attempted to establish a second broadband connection while a previous broadband connection is already established using the same device or port. Please disconnect the earlier connection and then re-establish the connection”.

solve error 813

Typically, such error 813 upon wakeup from sleep usually appears when there is no connection established. Sometimes, no matter how many times they have ever tried disabling the connection then enabling it but still end up having to restart. And it is unlucky that a Google Search turned out nothing. What is up and how can you solve error 813 on your own??? Here, take my own experience as an example, I will show you how to do.

Most of the time, an error 813 will appear upon a wakeup from sleep when the modem hardware drivers cannot handle the standby/hibernation mode properly which the computer is entering when you close the lid. To do with the problem, just go to the Power Options and change what happens when you close the computer lid. It is best that you can disable any action when closing the lid and use ‘hibernation’ mode when the power button is pressed. That is know that hibernation will take longer to power down than ‘standby’ mode but will have the laptop consume zero power.

Secondly, if your ADSL modem is connected via USB, try connecting it via Ethernet (network cable) if possible. This is because no special driver required for the modem in this mode since your PC uses standard network drivers to connect to the modem. Sometimes, this simple step will solve the error 813 upon wakeup from sleep instantly. And it is considered as the preferred connection method anyway since it has other advantages as well.

If you have a USB modem (CDMA or GPRS/EDGE), try updating your drivers. It is widely known that all the hardware devices on the computer rely on a corresponding driver so as to perform properly. Only with the correctly and updated drivers, can the system recognize the hardware devices and establish a relationship between each other successfully. This way, you won’t come to the chance to suffer from some unexpected errors like error 813 or problem of AppCrash. Just go to the Device Manager to see whether there is any yellow exclamation mark next to any device; if so, directly update it to the latest version.

By the way, you’d better check the energy options of your modem device in the Device Manager and disable energy saving options. In some cases, a simple disable on this option will bring in the error 813 message to appear when trying to wake the computer up from hibernation.

Fourthly, to solve error 813 it is best that you can run your antivirus program to completely scan and remove PC threats from the computer. Besides attacking & destroying system files, viruses will be able to waste up your broadband connection to send out some collected information to others, or try to infect other connected computer. When there is no enough resource for the computer to connect to the web properly due to a limited connection, there is no doubt you will get a error 813 message. For the security of your computer, you’d better let your antivirus antispyware program running in the background all the time. This way, all potential viruses and processed will be blocked and removed timely.

If you have tried all the above solutions but still get an error 813 upon PC wakeup from sleep, check and repair Windows registry errors. Windows registry is a place where controls all components of the operating system, including hardware, software and all everything on the PC. However, as you install & uninstall programs or as the computer gets infected, discarded information will remain here filling it with files and programs that you do not need. Over time, as the registry becomes stuffed with even more data, it becomes tougher for the system to locate it for the required entries. That is to say, when the system or the modem fails to locate the required keys here to connect to the Internet, an error 813 message will appear. So, the final thing you should do right now is to download a registry clean tool from the web, install and run it to thoroughly scan the whole PC, and repair all detected errors. When there is no problem for the system to access the needed keys in registry database, it will run properly all the time.

Well, many aspects can stop you from connecting to the Internet by showing an error 813 message. However, any of the above solutions will work for you to easily solve error 813 upon wakeup from sleep instantly and return you a connected PC within clicks.

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