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Error c0000218 fix – Stop error c0000218 easily on your own

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on January 5th, 2013 | Leave a comment

“Stop: c0000218 {Registry File Failure} The registry cannot load the hive (file): \SystemRoot\System32\Config\SOFTWARE or its log or alternate
It is corrupt, absent, or not writable.”

STOP c0000218 error

Upon booting up, shutting down the computer or installing, launching a program, the users will suddenly get the above error c0000218 message. Annoyingly, it usually comes together with a blue screen to make all of your unsaved projects go like a smoke. But how can you prevent and stop it from happening unexpectedly?

Sometimes, the error c0000218 is just a temporary issue and can be fixed immediately after a system reboot. However, this is only for the first time to get the blue screen error. If you continuously get the STOP error c0000218 message, try the below solutions.

Secondly, the error c0000218 blue screen errors might be caused by spyware and viruses infection because they are able to attack and remove any system core files from the computer. Once any file that related to the Windows installer has been removed from the computer, you will come to the chance to get a blue screen with error c0000218 message. Download & run a powerful antivirus/antispyware product to remove such threats now.

If you get this error immediately after plugging in anything from a hard disk to an USB to the computer, you can format your device and try again. Most of the time, the corrupted entries or viruses in the removable device can bring in harm to the computer and cause the error c0000218 with a blue screen. It is best that you can first back up the data in your removable device.

After the above steps, check and repair software problem. Software issue is a very common cause for the error c0000218 when program confliction exists. If you have recently installed new software, games or drivers before the blue screen errors, you should uninstall them and see if that fixes the problem.

Fifthly, make sure that all hardware and hard drives are functioning well. Sometimes, some system required files won’t be loaded correctly as what is shall when the hard drives are not connected properly in your system. That is to say, if the system C drive is connected but others aren’t, the system will fail to read other hard drives correctly for the necessary entries to load the computer, which therefore cause the error c0000218 blue screen error or a DNS Server Not Responding error message in connecting to the Internet. So do pay attention to make sure that all hardware and hard drives on your computer are running and accessing properly without problems.

However, most of the time the error c0000218 may occur on a Windows XP based computer with the Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 client where ConnectMultiplePorts Registry Entry has been configured without your permission. At this time, you should go to Registry Editor and disable ConnectMultiplePorts registry entry by yourself. This is also why a great number of blue screen errors, including error c0000218, may be caused by Windows registry errors. At this time, you should download and run a registry cleaning tool to completely scan the whole PC and get rid of all Windows errors immediately. This is what you should not miss when trying to run a computer properly without unexpected BSOD errors or freezings and crashes.

Just as what I said above, a STOP c0000218 error can occur due to many unknown issues on the PC. However, with some proper solutions you are able to stop it from happening easily. Good luck and wish you enjoy an error-free computer all the time!

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