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Error code 0X00005d – What causes it and how to resolve error code 0X00005d?

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When booting up the computer, you might at some point get an error message with status code of 0X00005d system has to shut down. Just bear in mind that it is a sign to tell you some serious problems have occurred in your system. If it is left alone and cannot be fixed timely, further permanent damages will come on the neck of another. But how can you resolve error code 0X00005d easily on your own?

code 0X00005d error

In many cases, the Windows error code 0X00005d is the result of your hardware programs being unable to correctly run the required devices correctly. So, when getting the error message, directly reboot your computer. Most of the time, this is only a temporary issue and can most of the time be resolved after a system reboot.

If the error 0X00005d message still appears after a system reboot, restart it again and press F8 during the rebooting sequence in order to get to the boot menu. From the boot menu, press and select the ‘Boot Using Last Known Good Configuration’ to get your computer to the last status when the computer runs properly without errors.

After the above steps, you can normally start up the computer properly. But to permanently get rid of error code 0X00005d, you’d better spend some time checking and fixing the errors existing in your hard drive.

* Double click My Computer to open it.
* Right-click the hard disk drive that you want to check, and choose Properties.
*Click the Tools tab, and then Check Now under Error-checking, click Check Now. Here, you are provided some options to go:

->To automatically repair all problems with files and folders, select “Automatically fix file system errors”. If not, the scan will only report errors without fixing them.
-> To perform a thorough disk check, select “Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors”.
-> If you want to check for both files and physical errors, select them all.

* Then, you can click Start and follow the on-screen steps to check and fix all errors existing on your hard disk.

After the above steps, it is highly recommended that you can also scan your complete system with a powerful antivirus antispyware program. We know that it is very easy for us to get kinds of damaged infections while using the computer and most of them will stop you from starting up the computer properly by showing an error code 0X00005d message. If your computer gets infected, you will fail to start up the computer and some other computer functions will be affected, too. For example, every time you attempt to quit a program, your machine decides to shut down on you, leaving you no choice but to repeat the frustrating process over and over again. Simply speaking, if your computer just isn’t functioning the way that it should be and the computer does not start up normally, there’s a very good chance that it might get infected by a virus. An antivirus program helps to check and remove all these viruses from your computer immediately.

Last but not least, you’d better check and repair all registry errors inside your computer. The registry database is the most crucial part of Windows, but is also the birthplace of some annoying computer errors just like error code 0X00005d. Essentially, the system will use so many of registry files each time it’s running to load the computer or your desired applications correctly as expected. However, this also makes them corrupt and incredibly difficult to read when there are too many invalid, useless or broken entries existing in this database. The computer will greatly slow down when it has to spend a very longer time to decode the required files or open them. Or it ends up generating an error message like error 0X8002801c when it cannot open the file correctly.

In my opinion, it is quite common for you to receive kinds of computer errors just like error code 0X00005d while starting up, running or shutting down the computer. These sometimes cannot be inevitable, but most of the time we can maintain PC performance to prevent them from happening unexpectedly to large extend. SO, why not performing the above steps from now on to stop the code 0X00005d from appearing suddenly?

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