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Error code 0X80004005 fix – Solutions to fix error code 0X80004005 effectively

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When trying to register a dll file such as cygwin1.dll by using the visual studio command prompt, some will annoyingly get an error message saying “dllregisterserver failed with error code 0X80004005″. Such error code will stop the users from registering some dll files or even install some programs correctly on the PC. If cannot be fixed timely, it may cause more serious issues to the PC. Luckily, you are able to fix error code 0X80004005 effectively with some extremely simple solutions.

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First of all, you should know that it is almost too easy for a computer-destroying virus to take over your machine right now. It is a fact that, some viruses are so subtle at first that many users don’t even become aware that they’ve been infected the computer until it’s too late. At this case, the computer starts exhibiting strange behavior out of the blue. In order to salvage your machine and well maintain your computer as well as prevent & fix error code 0X80004005 messages, you should run your antivirus antispyware program immediately to get rid of all PC threats.

Sometimes, you might get the error code 0X80004005 message when your hard drive has a bad sector, which will stop the system to read or write anything from/to the hard disk and register the dll file on your computer. So, the second thing you should do is to check & fix all hard disk errors and bad sectors immediately. You can use Windows Disk Manager tool to check & fix all file system errors and bad sectors on your hard disk. To do this, you can easily perform the below steps:

* Right click on the hard drive and click Properties
* Click Tools tab and click “Check Now” under Error-checking.
* In the dialog box select the “Automatically fix file system errors” or/and “Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors” check box to automatically fix all file system errors and bad sectors.

However, if the error code 0X80004005 still appears after the above steps you can directly perform a system restore job. The System Restore utility is a package Windows feature that’s similar to “Last Known Configuration.” However, System Restore maintains multiple restore points instead of one last restore point for the computer. Here, I take Windows XP as an example to show you how to perform a system restore job and fix Windows fatal errors:

* Log on to Windows with the administrator permission.
* Click Start -> All Programs -> Accessories ->System Tools -> System Restore.
* Click to select the Restore my computer to an earlier time option on the Welcome to System Restore page, and then click Next to continue.
* Click the most recent system restore point in the on the “Select a Restore Point” page
* Highlight the restore point, and then click “Next to go.
* Click “Next” on the Confirm Restore Point Selection page to finish the restore job.
* Restart the computer to make the restore job take effect and see whether you are able to register the dll file correctly without an error code 0X80004005 or not.

Last but not least, check and fix computer registry errors. The registry is where all system files, settings and programs are stored. No matter when you install a program to the computer or even register a dll file, it will automatically add some corresponding entries to this database to ensure its proper running. Hence, this database will take up a large space and memory. However, it is very easy for this database to get corrupted or full with some unknown errors. When the registry develops errors the computer will sooner or later generate some unexpected errors just like the error code 0X80004005 when trying to register or re-register a dll file. Besides, wrongly installed or incompatible programs in the computer can also cause errors to occur. Directly download and run a registry error fixer to completely scan and remove all PC registry errors from the PC. Then I believe you can enjoy an error-clean system all the time without issue.

In a word, dll files are needed to many programs on the PC to ensure its smooth running. When some goes missing or corrupt, both the computer and some installed programs will fail to run properly. If you are encountering an error code 0X80004005 while registering a dll file, don’t be too scared! The above steps will help you deal with the issue as quickly as possible, rerunning you a stable PC environment all the time.

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