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Error code 0X8002801c – Fix error code 0X8002801c instantly

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on December 29th, 2012 | Leave a comment

Always get an error code 0X8002801c while trying to register a file on the computer? One of the readers contacted me and told that when attempting to register the file SDL.dll on the computer because of an error telling that “the file was loaded but DllRegisterServer returned an error code 0X8002801c”. Thus, they may fail to register the file and stop to run the computer or some certain programs properly. Just as what I have ever said in my previous email, Dll files are quite important to ensure the smooth running of the PC and shared by many other programs; thus, you need to fix this code 0X8002801c error as quickly as you can.

code 0X8002801c error

In many cases, the code 0X8002801c error message will appear while the corrupted version of the specific still exists on the computer. So, try the following steps first when getting this annoying error message: log onto the computer with administrator, copy the dll file to c:\windows\sysWOW64 not c:\windows\system32, then register it by running from the command prompt or “run” in the Start menu regsvr32 c:\windows\sysWOW64\(thefilename). Thus, the file will be registered correctly on the computer without showing any error message.

Sometimes, a missing system file can stop you from registering a file or performing some PC requests properly. So, to solve it, you’d better make sure that all the system files are clean & compact all the time without someone goes missing, corrupted or broken. You can do this by running the System File Checker thought Start, run, type “sfc/scannow”.

Thirdly, make sure the computer is totally virus clean. Computer viruses are harmful programs that will install on the computer secretly without your permission and put negative impact on computer. Typically, such program will automatically run as you load up the computer and do whatever they want on the PC, for example, they will load into the system memory to make the computer start up improperly; they can also attack & remove any system file to cause some further serious problems… When the system fails to locate and access some system files to register your file, an error code 0X8002801c together with a file registration failure message will appear. It is highly advised that you can install an antivirus antispyware program to completely scan the whole PC and remove all existing & potential threats on the PC. By the way, let your PC protection program running in the background to realtime block & remove any threats to the computer.

Finally, to totally get rid of the error code 0X8002801c message, you still need to scan and repair Windows registry errors. Simply speaking, the Windows registry consists of files that contain information about all the applications, programs, and processes. Then, these files provide instructions to your computer telling it when and how to perform every PC request properly. That is to say, when you press on the Power button to start up the PC, it may first access this folder for the necessary entries before successfully loading it. When the system cannot locate its needed entries to register your file, a code 0X8002801c error message will appear soon. If so, download and run a registry repair tool to completely scan the whole PC and repair all errors inside the computer.

Once again, system files are quite important for the proper running of the computer and all installed programs. Thus, no matter whenever you get a system file is missing error or error code 0X8002801c message, take instant actions to solve it right now!

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