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Error code 0X80070424 fix – Solve error code 0X80070424 instantly

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When trying to allow access for a program in Windows Firewall, some users will get prompts to change its setting to default. However, when clicking on it some will get an error message saying “Windows Firewall can’t change some of your settings. Error code 0X80070424″. Besides, the same error message happens when trying to do anything in Windows Defender. What is up and how can you solve error code 0X80070424 instantly so as to run all programs on your computer properly without problems?

code 0X80070424 error

code 0X80070424 error

If you are getting the error code 0X80070424 in accessing a program, do remember to detect and remove any virus and worms from your computer. Virus, Trojans and worms are well known to change the system settings or remove any files from the computer as well as collect/steal personal information. When the system cannot locate its needed files/processes properly, it will eventually cause the error code 0X80070424 messages when you are trying to allow access to a program via Firewall or Windows Defender together with a computer won’t start problem is it cannot find the needed files to start it up. So, do remember to pay several minutes to scan & remove any threat from the computer.

Also, to get rid of the code 0X80070424 error message and to access whichever program you like, you need to ensure that there is nothing wrong existing on the computer:
* Insert Windows XP CD to boot your system.
* After the system boots, press ‘r’ to use the ‘Recovery Console’.
* Press ‘Enter’ to select different keyboard layout.
*Select ‘Windows installation’ if you want to log in. In case, there is only one installation, then the value will be ’1′.
*Enter the ‘Administrative’ password, if asked during the installation.
* Change the folder using:
cd WINDOWS\$NtUninstallKB925902$\spuninst
* Execute the command:
batch spuninst.txt
* If the above command is successful, you might be able to view a spuninst.tag file using ‘DIR’ copmmand.
* Reboot your system.

Sometimes, the error code 0X80070424 can be caused by outdated drivers on the computer, so you should directly update the drivers when trying to solve this computer error. To update the driver, it is recommended that you can download and run a professional driver detector and update all needed drivers.

Finally, regularly fix Windows registry. The code 0X80070424 error messages would also be caused when there is something wrong in your registry. Registry is the place where stores all settings and options of your hardware and software in order to make them run smoothly all the time. Once something goes wrong, not only the error code 0X80070424 problem but also other computer errors will happen. So it is also necessary that you scan and clean up your registry on a regular basic.

We know that programs are really needed for us to perform some various features with the computer. If you are getting the error code 0X80070424 while allowing access to a program either via Firewall or Windows Defender, just follow the above steps and you will soon get everything on your PC run without problems.

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