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Error code 0X8DDD0004 – Solve update error code 0X8DDD0004 immediately

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When trying to run Microsoft Update to install some updates just like Office etc, some computer users a message indicating that: “Windows Update has encountered an error and cannot display the requested page” or “[Error number: 0X8DDD0004]” in the upper-right corner of the Web page. Any one of these errors will stop you from downloading and installing the desired updates correctly as usual. So, why do you get this annoying Windows update error code 0X8DDD0004 and how can you fix it immediately? Just read on and you will get causes & solutions to fix this error.

code 0X8DDD0004 error

code 0X8DDD0004 error

When getting the code 0X8DDD0004 Windows update error message, the first thing you should do is to check whether you are able to connect to the Internet correctly. You can check this by simply open your web browser and open a URL to see. If you are connected correctly, turn to the second step. If not, you have to check and fix your Internet connection. You can do this by resetting your router, and one you should not miss is to check your firewalls. The firewalls may prevent the latest updates from being downloaded or installed correctly. At this time, you can directly go to the Control Panel and then to the security option and disable the firewall.

Sometimes, your antivirus program can also be one major cause for the error code 0X8DDD0004 as it will interrupt the connection of your computer system. At this time, temporarily disable the antivirus software package and download & install the update again. It has learnt by lots of computer users that the Windows update usually fails because of some incompatible antivirus software. However, after you have installed the updates you’d better let your computer protection program running in the background to block and remove any PC threats. Once the computer gets infected, the computer will run slow as well as bring in other unexpected damages.

If possible, you can uninstall the unnecessary programs or corrupt programs from your computer. Such programs will greatly mess up the hard disk to make the system fail to timely recall the required entries to install the updates. If at this case, the computer will sooner or later show an error code 0X8DDD0004 while you are trying to install an update. Find out the unnecessary programs and uninstall them from your computer right now.

However, the biggest reason for Windows update error 0X8DDD0004 lays on Windows registry database. We all know that registry is the main component of the Windows-based operating system to ensure the smooth running of the computer by managing its vital settings & options. However, it is very easy for this database to get corrupted or broken as program install & uninstall process or virus attacks. If the system cannot read through this database for its required entries to install the Windows updates, you will no doubt get the Windows update error messages. So, the last suggestion here for you to fix Windows update failed error is to immediately scan your whole system and fix all registry errors immediately. You can easily do this by running a professional registry cleaning utility as they are well designed to thoroughly scan the whole computer and fix all existing & potential PC problems immediately within clicks.

If the above solutions do not help to solve the error code 0X8DDD0004, you can directly contact Microsoft support team for assistance. They will supply us very detailed solutions to troubleshoot and install Microsoft updates correctly. But most of the time, it will take a much longer waiting for their solutions, so it is best that you can first try all the solutions above to fix Windows update error 0X8DDD0004 problem.

So, with the above steps you can instantly troubleshoot and solve error code 0X8DDD0004 on your own. If you are not sure how to fix the computer registry, I highly recommend you to download and run the Registry Easy here. It will completely scan your whole PC and get rid of all errors inside your computer instantly.

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