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Error code 0Xc004f074 – Causes and solutions

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on March 21st, 2013 | Leave a comment

“Error 0XC004F074; The Key Management Server (KMS) is unavailable or is not active”

 error code 0XC004F074

When trying to launch or activate Microsoft Office, the users will get the above annoying error message and cannot launch the program correctly as usual. However, it is quite necessary for us to work with the Office program every day either for work or study. Stop worrying from the problem right now and you will soon fix error code 0XC004F074 on your own.

This might happen when the previous office files are not being completely installed on the computer. And now, you will get solutions here to quickly get rid of all the leftover files and install/launch your desired Office program on your computer properly without a code 0XC004F074 error message.

In order to completely uninstall the previous office program and then install the Office version again, you should go to Start -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs (XP)/Programs and Features (Vista & Win 7) to locate all the office programs and uninstall them from the computer. Here, you need to search for all Office content and remove all of them.

After uninstalling it, you’d better clean out the Temp Folder from your computer. The Temp folder on the computer sometimes contains files that are interfering with the installation of Office. So, you can directly remove it from the computer to see whether it helps to solve the error 0XC004F074. Here, I take Windows XP as an example to show you how to clean out the Tem folder.

* Click on Start and then Run.
* In open window, type %Temp% and click OK. Then a folder full of files and other folders will appear.
* To remove several or individual folders or files, hold down your Ctrl key while left-clicking on each item you want delete; to delete all items, hit your Delete key or choose File and then “Delete” from the menu.
*Confirm that you are going to delete the files by clicking “Yes” on the Confirm Multiple File Delete window that opens.

After removing the Temp folder from the computer, you can try reinstalling the setup again to see whether you are able to install/ run the Office program correctly without problems.

Thirdly, well protect the PC from viruses. Viruses can come onto the computer in various types and in many different ways. Annoyingly, viruses are designed to attack and make the computer to run abnormally besides collecting & stealing your personal information. That is, as you turn your PC on, the virus is loaded into the memory of your pc and starts to change whatever file it wants on your operating system with its own files. And this effect ranges from corrupted to missing files up to crashing of your pc. To ensure pleasant running of the Office program without a code 0XC004F074 error message, do remember to well protect the PC with a powerful antivirus antispyware program.

Finally, to make the Office program work correctly without errors like error code 0XC004F074, you’d better troubleshoot and fix Windows registry errors. The registry records all your computer activity, continuously installing and uninstalling programs may at some extent crowd up the database. That is, as you uninstall a certain program, some useless files and keys won’t be traced and deleted and they will be left behind in the Windows registry database. All of these, will greatly slow down computer performance as well as generate kinds of computer error messages when you are trying to launch some certain programs.

No matter in running which operating system you get the code 0XC004F074 error message, you are able to deal with it and enjoy the Office program & the computer correctly. By the way, if the problem has something to do with the Windows registry, you’d better download and run a Windows registry repair tool to do the job for you. Only in this way, can you prevent and stop some unexpected errors effectively!

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