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Error code 21 fix – Solutions to fix error code 21

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on March 18th, 2013 | Leave a comment

“Windows is removing this device. (Code 21)”

code 21 error

When trying to access a hardware device, the user will come to the chance to get this error code 21 message. Just as what you can learn from the error message, it tells that Windows is in the process of removing the device. However, the device has not yet been completely removed. And here are some things that you can do in daily life to resolve the problem.

When the error code 21 message appears, wait several seconds, and then press the F5 key to update the Device Manager view. We know that computer driver helps the cold machine to run smoothly along with its other parts or hardware such as its hard disk, its CD or DVD drive, USB, video card and other components. However, the outdated drivers will most of the time stop the computer from running problem or stop you from accessing some files. So, when getting the code 21 error message, take several minutes to check & update the computer drivers.

If this does not solve the problem, restart the computer and run an antivirus program to thoroughly scan your whole PC and get rid of all malware on your computer. We all know that viruses are unwanted applications that degrade the computer performance by eating up some precious resources, resetting the system settings, removing system files, etc to cause the code 21 error or some other errors like Windows Media “did not fix on device” error message. In addition to, with the increasing usage of computer and internet, the viruses can get onto the computer easily without any knowledge and have also become more complex & are difficult to detect. An antivirus program will thoroughly scan the whole PC and get rid of all existing threats within clicks. By the way, it is highly advised to let them running in the background to realtime block & remove potential threats to the computer.

Also, you can directly use the Windows built-in Disk Cleanup utility to free up space. An insufficient hard disk space is also the main cause for this annoying error code 21 message. To release more available disk space, it is highly that you can uninstall all unneeded programs/remove all useless files from your computer immediately.

Lastly, a corrupted system file can also cause the error code 21 message to happen. So, if all the above steps do not help to fix the device manager error, directly run a trustworthy computer registry repair tool. It will thoroughly scan and fix all problems existing in the system immediately within clicks. By the way, such tool will also greatly maintain PC performance by providing users with other rich options just like Backup manager, Junk file manage, startup manager, evidence cleaner and so on.

Generally speaking, an error code 21 message can be caused due to many unknown errors on the computer, stopping you from accessing or launching the desired devices properly. However, with the simple solutions above, you can instantly troubleshoot it and deal with error code 21 on your own without problem.

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