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Error code 51 – How to fix error code 51 in playing games?

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When trying to play a game just like Torchlight 2, Dead island, Moder warfare 2 etc, some users will keep on getting an error saying “Failed to start (error code 51)”. Some users have ever deleted all files within Steam or even uninstall & reinstall Steam, the same error message appear. I think you will be very annoying to get this error message in the middle of playing a favorite game. But how can you fix error code in playing games instantly?

Steam error code 51

Steam error code 51

First of all, you should remember that any applications running in the background may negatively affect your games or Steam itself to cause the annoying error code 51 message. And some certain programs can lead to more serious issues to the computer such as limited connectivity and game crashes. So, the first thing you should do when getting the game error is to close all background applications before launching Steam; this helps to release some available system resources to ensure the smooth running of your game. And you’d better close some other unnecessary applications and processes while playing a game. If the Steam error code 51 appears soon after you install a program, directly uninstall it as it must work incompatibly with the PC and cause the error message to happen.

If there is a program named Airfoil installed on the PC, it can be the main cause of the error code 51 on your PC. Airfoil is used to re-route audio from computer applications to wireless devices, but one of its packaged feature called Instant Hijack can severely interfere with Steam to make your game run incorrectly. At this time, you can instantly disable this feature so as to get rid of Steam error code 51:

*Click Start > All Programs > locate Airfoil and click the Airfoil application.
*When the program launches, click the Airfoil menu and choose Preferences.
*On the Extras tab, click Disable Instant Hijack
*Then, restart the computer and play the game again. The, no error code 51 will happen.

Thirdly, you should check and update all outdated drivers on your PC. A device driver works as an intermediate between hardware and higher computer programs. This way, you are able to run your hardware devices just like audio, video, display… If the system cannot recall the correct drivers to play your game, an error code 51 message will happen. You’d better check, download and install all outdated drivers on your computer. If the system has no problem in lading the required drivers to run your game correctly, it will play properly all the time.

Finally, you should check and fix computer registry errors. Registry is the place where stores all the data on your PC to run the computer and the programs correctly. With the daily use of your computer, lots of data will be stored into the registry, making it disordered and larger & larger. However, with the growth of the registry, some errors will come to this database, greatly affecting the proper running of the PC. If the game cannot locate its required entries to launch your game correctly, an error code 51 will happen. But you are so lucky to solve all errors inside the registry database with a registry cleaning tool. It completely scans the whole PC and gets rid of all errors existing within your registry database completely.

Want to play your game correctly without getting a Steam error code 51? Just check the applications installed on the PC, as well as fix some errors especially the registry errors, then you can get rid of error code 51 quickly.

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