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Error code 80073712 – Solve error 80073712 in Windows update right now

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“Code 80073712. Windows Encountered an Unknown Error”

Windows update error 80073712

Windows update error 80073712

The above error code 80073712 message will happen when you are trying to install some updates on the PC due to the fact that the system being unable to correctly perform the required files and processes to finish the update job. If you are experiencing the error 80073712 in Windows update now, you should at least learn what causes it and how you can solve it. Only in this way, can you run the computer properly without problems!

When the error 80073712 occurs, make sure that you are connected to the Internet correctly. Only in this way, can you get access to the Windows Update servers and download the update versions completely.

Secondly, you should check and remove all viruses and malicious programs from your computer as they can severely attack your system and remove some system core files as they want. Once some files that needed to launch or install the Windows updates are mis-deleted, you will fail to install the updates by getting an error 80073712 message. So, at this time, what you need to do first is to perform a full system scan with up-to-date virus definitions and remove all PC threats.

However, most of the time you will instantly get an error message displaying when the update job fails. So, you can also locate the error code 80073712 that the computer recorded when the update failed. Only after confirming the error code, can you fix the Windows update problem correctly. To do this, simply perform the below steps:

* Click Start, and then All Programs, and then click Windows Update or Microsoft Update.
* When you are navigating to the Windows Update Web site or the Microsoft Update Web site, click Review your update history. And then a window, which shows all the updates that have been installed or that failed to install on the computer, will open.
*Then, you should click on the Status column on this window to locate the update that failed to install, and then click the red X.
* Soon, a new window will open, displaying the installation error code.
* Copy down the error number and then type it in a search box to see whether you can find some helpful solutions to fix the Windows update error code 80073712 by yourself. If not, turn to next step.

If possible, you can uninstall the unnecessary programs or corrupt programs on the computer as they can also lead to such Windows update error code 80073712 messages. Find out the unnecessary programs and uninstall them from the computer immediately. Also, uninstall the corrupt programs and then install an updated version, too.

Last, the error code 80073712 in Windows updates are very commonly caused by some problems existing in Windows registry. The registry is the database that is used to store all the information of the programs and hardware installed on the computer, and data that is used by various parts of the computer, for example, the hard drive and the memory space. But as registry errors happen, the computer becomes unstable and you will come across different kinds of computer errors but not only the Windows update errors. When it is the case for you, it is better that you can download and run a registry cleaner software to thoroughly scan the entire registry and correct all the mistakes.

With the above mentioned steps, you can not only fix Windows update error code 80073712, but also deal with some other PC problems instantly if you are able to keep on doing them in your daily life. Take them now, and you will install all your desired updates successfully without problems.

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