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Error code C0000005 – What causes error code C0000005 and how to fix it soon?

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It can be a common experience for you to receive an “Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION” error message. It usually appears while you are trying to install or launch a program such as Microsoft Office on the PC. Some users might take it as granted that it was caused only by the program which happens to cause the errors; but actually, there seem to be an awful lot of issues on the PC can cause it to happen.

code C0000005 error

In many cases, the code C0000005 error can be caused by a hardware issue, either outdated hardware drivers or hardware conflicts. So, the first thing you should do when trying to fix this Access Violation error is to check, download and install all outdated hardware device drivers. Drivers are those small programs that help to easily establish the relationship of the hardware and operating system so as to ensure the proper running of the computer. When goes outdated, it is quite easy for you to get various strange error messages in running the computer. By the way, it is highly advised that you can have all Windows update service packs installed, too. A fix within such packs can also contain a solution for the error code C0000005.

Then, you need to check and make sure that there is no hardware conflict. To do this, go to Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager, open all the devices by clicking on the + signs, check whether there are any yellow question marks next to the hardware devices. If so, uninstall it immediately and go to download & install the latest version on your PC.

If you are getting the error code C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION message in installing a certain program, there might be something wrong with the Windows Installer (Msiexec.exe) that installed on your PC. At this time, you can try reinstalling the Windows Installer on the PC to see whether it solves the issue or not. You can go to Microsoft official website to download and install the latest version of Windows Installer on your PC.

Then, you still need to make sure that the hard disk drives on your computer are accessible properly without issue. It is quite necessary for the computer to read through the hard disk drive reading some files and launching the computer properly. If it cannot recall the required files & folders as expectedly, an error code C0000005 can be generated soon. To maintain your hard disk, you should work hard from these aspects:

* scan and fix all errors, bad sectors on your PC regularly
* timely remove the unnecessary files, folders & programs from the hard disk
* clean up the hard disk on regular basic
* defragment the hard disk to get everything in order at least once a week

Besides the above solutions to fix error code C0000005, you still need to make sure that the computer is well protected from threats. Computer threats just like viruses, worms, spyware, Trojans, or other malicious files are able to infect the computer secretly without users’ notices. Once gets installed on the PC, they will display endless pop-up ads, attack & remove any of your system files, collect & steal your personal information, reset your computer & web browser settings, navigate you to some malicious pages, etc. If your hard disk is severely attacked, some files such as digest.dll or IncDapi.dll will be removed without your knowledge and finally cause the code C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION error message when the system cannot locate it to install or launch your desired programs. You’d better have a powerful antivirus antispyware program running in the background to realtime block and get rid of all those PC viruses immediately.

Last but not least, you need to repair computer registry errors. To be honest, most computer users will find the computer run slowly or display kinds of error just like error code C0000005 after using their PC for a while. Besides the above causes, it was usually caused by an error within the registry database – a place where stores all vital settings & information for the hardware and installed software. Due to the too frequent usage, this database is very easy to get corrupted as you install/uninstall programs or when the computer gets infected… When the system cannot locate the required entries to required entries to install or launch your desired program, a code C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION error message will display. So, the final thing you need to do is to make sure the registry database is total clean and compact. To do this, you can simply download and run a registry cleaner utility to completely scan the whole PC and get rid of all errors inside the registry.

No matter you are receiving an error code C0000005 or some other kinds of error message while using the PC, you can simply perform the above steps to detect and deal with it. What is more, the above steps help to easily maintain stable PC performance and ensure a proper running computer all the time.

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