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Error code F3-F100-0010 – Fix Toshiba error code F3-F100-0010 effectively

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Some Toshiba users complain that the computer won’t repair itself and it usually leads to an error message stating “ERROR: F3-F100-0010, PRESS OK to turn of Computer” when selecting “Launch Startup Repair”. Sometimes, the same error code F3-F100-0010 happens when they try to start the Windows normally. I think, nothing can be more annoying while getting such error message in starting up the computer. However, you are able to perform some rather simple ways to check and fix this Toshiba error code F3-F100-0010 effectively on your own.

Toshiba error F3-F100-0010

Toshiba error F3-F100-0010

If getting the error code F3-F100-0010, you can directly boot the computer into clean boot state. This most of the time helps to decide what really causes the problem. To do this, just follow steps here:

*Log on to the computer with an administrator right.
*Click Start, type msconfig.exe in the Start Search box, and then press ENTER to start the System Configuration utility.
*If you are asked for an administrator password or for confirmation, type it or provide confirmation.
*On the General tab, click the Selective startup option, and clear the Load startup items check box.
*On the Services tab, select the “Hide all Microsoft services” check box, and then click Disable all.
* Then restart your computer to see whether the error code F3-F100-0010 still appears or not. If it does, contact the Toshiba customer support team as it might be caused by a problem existing within the computer itself. If it does not, check what you have recently installed or added to the computer, the incompatible ones will bring in the Toshiba error code F3-F100-0010.

Then, you should perform a complete virus scan to make sure the computer is not infected by viruses or some other malware. Virus attack in your computer has the ability to ruin your computer, your financial status, destroy any system file, steal your identity, and make use of your computer as a hijack system to attack other computers and so on. If the Toshiba computer cannot locate the required file to repair the system or start up the PC correctly as normal, an error code F3-F100-0010 will appear again and again. By the way, to keep the antivirus up to date and running in the background is highly recommended so as to make PC run smoothly all the time without unexpected PC shutdowns or crashes.

If your computer has been giving you the annoying error code F3-F100-0010 even though you have performed the above steps, or some other issues with freezing, shutting down, and acting sluggish then you may have a registry error. This could also be the result of a virus infection or another malicious program, incomplete program uninstallation or other computer problems… Playing as the main component of the Windows-based operating system, registry is used to store all important settings & options of the computer. When something goes wrong, the computer won’t run correctly and seriously give you kinds of unneeded errors message including the Toshiba error code F3-F100-0010. One easy way to fix registry errors is to use a registry cleaner tool. These tools will completely scan the whole PC just like an antivirus program does to identify all errors and correct them for you. Then, you will soon have a clean & compact system that will run faster and smoother.

So, there is no need to worry about the error code F3-F100-0010 on your Toshiba computer anymore! With the above steps, you will be able to instantly troubleshoot and fix it on your computer as soon as quickly as you can.

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