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Error loading cmicnfg.cpl – Fix cmicnfg.cpl error easily

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Every time when booting the computer, some users will keep on getting this error message “error loading cmicnfg.cpl”. From the error message you can learn that, the message appears when the system cannot locate the cmicnfg.cpl correctly to perform some certain PC requests. But what cause the cmicnfg.cpl file to go missing and how can you fix the error easily? Here, you will get some possible solutions on how to do.

fix cmicnfg.cpl error

Causes to cmicnfg.cpl error
If this cmicnfg.cpl file cannot be read, then the error will show up. This can mean that a file has been corrupted or damaged, and causes Windows to have a difficult time reading the file that it needs. Corruption refers to the inner framework of the file, which can possibly have been modified and thus, render the file unreadable to Windows. The error you are seeing need to be repaired urgently for you to be able to use your PC normally again. Follow the outlined instructions to find out how to repair this.

How to get rid of “error loading cmicnfg.cpl” message?
Most of the time, the cmicnfg.cpl error message when happen when then file is mis-deleted from your system. But it is lucky that many dll files are available on the Internet. If you cannot search the cmicnfg.cpl file on your computer, just open your browser and look for the best cmicnfg.cpl download place. The new dll file can replace the missing or corrupted one on your computer and quickly remove cmicnfg.cpl error after a PC restart. Besides downloading cmicnfg.cpl from the web, you can also copy one from a computer installed with the same OS or having a similar set of programs installed.

Sometimes, even though you have followed the steps above to download and place the cmicnfg.cpl file from your computer, if there are viruses existing on the computer, the cmicnfg.cpl file will be removed sooner or later. Hence, the second thing that you should do to prevent or fix cmicnfg.cpl error is to thoroughly scan your computer with a professional antivirus antispyware program.

Finally, the cmicnfg.cpl error is often caused by the registry issues, which are a result of multiple changes to your operating system. As you install & uninstall programs, some registry entries will be added or removed from your registry database. Sometimes, this will completely remove files in the DLL, which of course affects the programs that trying to use it and result in the cmicnfg.cpl error or internal application error, etc. If this is the case, you can fix the problem by repairing your registry with registry software. Besides, it is recommended that you can also regularly run Windows Disk Defragmenter to ensure the smooth access of your hard disk.

To ensure the smooth running of the computer, you should learn how to fix the error loading cmicnfg.cpl on your PC. If you find the above solutions a little difficult, download and run the computer repair tool here. It may completely scan the whole PC and replace all these corrupted, missing, broken files easily.

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