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External hard drive not recognized – How to do?

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Some users complained that when trying to connect an external hard drive to a USB, it did not show up My Computer properly even though it was visible on “My Devices” and “Computer Management”. Also, when attempting to change the device’s name, or initialize the device on computer management, they keep on getting an error saying that “The device is not ready”. How weird it is when the external hard drive not recognized properly! But what should you do when suffering from such a PC error?

external hard drive not recognized properly

When the external hard drive is not recognized correctly, check and make sure that all cables are properly connected to the drive. You have to pay attention if the USB cable comes with a Y-Cable and ensure that you have connected both to USB ports found on the back of your computer. Only in this way, can you ensure that your drive is getting the appropriate power.

If the drive is still unrecognized, check whether you can see it within Disk Management or not. To do this, right click My Computer, and select Manage, and the Disk Management will be found under Storage. Here, you can find that drives are listed as Disk 0, Disk 1, Disk 2, etc. By default, Disk 0 is usually assigned as the primary hard drive on your computer (the c: drive). Then, you can manually assign a letter for your external hard drive: right click on the capacity of the drive, select “Change Drive Letter and Path” from the menu, and then “Change and select an available letter” from the drop box; click “OK” and close the window. Then, you will soon find the external hard drive appear within My Computer, which indicates that the drive is properly recognized by the system.

If after the above steps, your external hard drive is not recognized properly, make sure that you have all the latest device drivers installed on the PC. No matter which hardware devices (video card, DVD or CD drive, USB) you add to the computer, it has to rely on a corresponding driver so as to function properly. Drivers are those small programs that establish the relationship of the hardware and the whole system, making them to work properly. Simply speaking, they control each piece of hardware installed on your system so that your software and operating system can run them properly as expected. With a proper driver, your speakers can play sounds correctly; your printer can print your latest masterpiece, etc. When the external hard drive you add to the computer cannot locate and recall the required drivers properly, it may be showed as unrecognized or some other error codes like Windows error code 19.

Fourthly, you have to scan and remove all computer viruses totally from the PC. We all know that computer virus usually processes with many harmful and malicious codes, which are capable of bringing some unexpected damages to the computer, such as keeping popping up adds, changing your homepage automatically, monitoring your web browsing, slowing down the PC by eating up system resources, stealing your personal information by tracking your online & offline activities, destroying your whole PC by attacking & removing system files… An external hard driver not recognized issue will be caused when it failed to locate its required file. You’d better completely scan your whole PC with a trusted antivirus program and remove all PC viruses immediately.

Last but not least, you still have to check and repair Windows registry errors. Right now, almost all Windows-based computers are installed with an operating system (OS) that uses a registry to keep all of its files & settings for the hardware & installed software. Generally speaking, the system keeps track of all the changes and goings-on within the machine in the registry database. This way, the system should know how and when to perform each PC request properly. However, this database at some points brings in some unexpected errors to the computer (slow PC performance, frequent Windows error message, sudden PC freezing & crashes…) as you uninstall & install a program incompletely, or when the computer gets infected. When the system cannot access its necessary entries to show your external hard drive properly, you will soon get an “external hard drive not recognized” message soon. Hence, the final thing you should do when facing with this issue is to totally scan your whole PC with a reliable registry cleaning tool and repair all errors inside the Windows registry.

Your external hard drive is not recognized properly by the system? Want to access all files on your computer without issue? Follow the above steps to go now and you will soon enjoy an error-free computer without problem.

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