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False Positive Detection to Spyware Cease Has been Corrected -Spyware Cease 3.7 New Release

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on May 4th, 2009 | Leave a comment

False positive detection to Spyware Cease by many popular anti-virus/spyware programs has been successfully corrected. All users who have upgraded to 3.6 are encouraged to upgrade to this new version, by clicking the Update tab in main interface. Alternatively you can download the latest installation package by visiting http://www.spywarecease.com/download.php.

Recently, Spyware Cease was found to be falsely detected as malware by many system security programs on the marketplace. An incorrect Spyware Cease signature was added to many companies’ database. As a result, they falsely detected Spyware Cease as malware, quarantined its files, and even completely cleaned up all Spyware Cease files. After fully communicating and testing, the incorrect signatures of most leading security vendors, such as, Kaspersky, McAfee, CA, Bitdefender, Avast, AVG and more, have all been corrected successfully.

Unfortunately, the problem caused a limited number of Spyware Cease users to experience abnormal Spyware Cease functionality. SpywareCeasea.com apologizes for any inconvenience caused to users by this problem. The free technical support service support@spywarecease.com is always available to assist any affected users in rectifying the problem. Please make sure that your Anti-virus/spyware programs are up-to-date.

To better serve PC users, Spyware Cease3.7 has newly added the significant utility of vulnerabilities scanner and patch within this update. By offering a suite of solutions to determine the configuration of every system service, and then comparing the data collected to thousands of vulnerabilities in our existing database, Spyware Cease3.7 will repair any vulnerabilities identified with latest patch.

As a system security vendor, we currently have professional technicians, professional support team, dedicated after-sales service and 60-day money back guarantee. In future, we will continue to make great efforts to improve our technical level and software quality. Our goal is to offer PC user more secure computing environment and service.

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