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Fatal system error blue screen – Deal with BSOD error effectively

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on February 5th, 2013 | Leave a comment

When trying to boot up the computer, have you ever get a blue screen unexpectedly with “Stop: C000021a fatal system error blablabla the system has shut down” error message? Are you tired of a BSOD error while you are in the middle of an important office work or downloading/uploading job without even giving you a chance to save them? Yeah, a fatal system error blue screen can serious affect the proper usage of the computer, and you should learn how to prevent & stop it from happening again.

blue screen error

The fatal system errors blue screen error can be a temporary problem because of a new update causes the file to skip its loading process, or it could have just been a one off error. So if this is the first time you get the error, just restart your PC with no doubt. This will quickly provide another chance for the computer to boot smoothly.

Then, you need to check and remove the Virus/Spyware – We all know that computer viruses are very dangerous because they are able to hijack other executables on your system and embed their code (application logic) inside other applications. This way, after getting on the computer secretly, they will collect & steal your personal information, attack & remove any files from the PC, reset your computer/browsers’ default settings, etc. When they remove a system required file and the computer cannot use it to perform some requests correctly, a Win32 application error or blue screen error will appear. Run your Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware to get rid of the virus or spyware you have on your computer right now. Besides, you should run it in the background all the time to check and remove any potential & existing threats.

Thirdly, a blue screen might occur if you have mistakenly installed a faulty device driver, system service, or firmware. So, when getting the blue screen fatal system error message, check whether there re some drivers listed. If so, disable, remove, or roll back the driver to correct the problem. If this does not solve the problem, try updating the drivers to the latest ones or contact the manufacturer for possible solutions. You should know that using updated software is especially important to ensure the stable running of the computer, especially for multimedia applications, antivirus programs, and CD mastering tools. By the way, it is best that you can download and install all available Windows update packs and some unknown bugs can most of the time be quickly fixed by the released Windows updates.

By the way, if possible add more RAM to the computer. The RAM is also used to store instructions about currently running applications on the computer. When you launch a computer game, a large set of the game’s instructions such as how it works, how the screen should look, which sounds must be generated will be loaded into memory. If there is not enough RAM to perform the game or some certain programs correctly, you will sooner or later get a blue screen error message.

Finally, you should fix Windows registry error. The registry is essentially your operating system’s index for your PC to tell the system when and how to perform every computer request correctly. A wrong entry within the registry database will bring in kinds of computer errors. The fatal system blue screen error is caused when the system is unable to read some required entries within the registry database r when there are too many corrupt registry files. Luckily, there are some readily available registry cleaners on the market and some even have robust scheduling and automated repair features to completely scan your whole PC and get rid of all errors within clicks.

Tired of unstable PC performance? Want to deal with BSOD errors the most effective and easiest way? Scan your whole computer with the best registry cleaner on the market and fix all errors inside. Then, you will be able to run the computer properly without sudden fatal system blue screen errors any more.

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