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File Pulverizer Removal Tips – Learn How to Uninstall File Pulverizer Immediately

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on November 27th, 2012 | Leave a comment

File Pulverizer is a powerful and effective software program to erase files and folders on your computer securely. There will always be a time to uninstall File Pulverizer during the period you use the program. How to fully remove program from your computer without leaving any trace or fragment? If you don’t know how to remove File Pulverizer and its components, please follow the instructions below.

Generally, you can simply uninstall the unneeded File Pulverizer through Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs.

1) Go to Start, Click on Control Panel

2) Double-click on Add or Remove Programs

3) Find the File Pulverizer listed in the list and click on it. Most of the time, it should look like the one below:

4) Then you should click on “Remove” button when the below message or something else like this appears.

5) Click on the “Remove” button when the below warning messages appears.

6) Follow the on-screen wizards to completely uninstall File Pulverizer from your computer.


This should have uninstalled File Pulverizer as stated, but if you can still see “File Pulverizer” folder at C:/Program Files, it means this program isn’t completely removed. What happens a lot is that the uninstalling simply fails. Because File Pulverizer leaves files in your registry, and they need to be deleted too in order to complete the uninstalling.


Fortunately, there is a Perfect Uninstaller which provides a quick and easy way for any of us to completely uninstall File Pulverizer and remove all its files and extensions that are usually left behind. You can simply follow the instruction with Perfect Uninstaller and it will save yourself a lot of time and frustrations along the way to uninstall any undesired program like Orbit Downloader or File Extension Changer that Windows is not able to take away fully.


It is really that Perfect Uninstaller will check your system and remove the File Pulverizer from your computer immediately as you can see below:

1. After running Perfect Uninstaller, highlight File Pulverizer in the “Display Name” list.

2. Press “Uninstall” to begin the File Pulverizer uninstallation and follow the on-screen steps to proceed.

3. Perfect Uninstaller is scanning your system for all associated entries.

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