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Firefox update lock – Update Firefox and surf the web pleasantly

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on March 25th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Upon updating the Firefox web browser, some users will suddenly find the update process hangs and stop responding. And the only way they can do right now is to forcibly click Alt+Ctrl+Delete to bring the Task Manager and then end the Firefox update process. But why does a Firefox update lock suddenly and how can you update the web browser & surf the web pleasantly?

update Firefox properly

First of all, you should know that most computer problems can be solved by restating the computer. So, when you are the first time to get the Firefox update lock issue, directly restart your browser or computer to see whether you are able to continue the update properly.

If you still fail, completely scan and remove all PC viruses from the computer. Computer Virus is a kind of malicious application that is mostly designed by hijackers to infect your computer and spread itself to other computers via a network automatically. This way, they are able to attack and destroy any computer, collect & steal users’ personal information, etc. It is commonly know that virus spreads through the Internet, and is usually brought into your computer through browser security gaps without your knowledge. That is, as you download a file, chat on an online chat-room, click on an unknown link within your email, you will be a risk to get infected. If some settings within your Firefox are reset by the viruses, you will sooner or later get a Firefox update lock problem when trying to update the web browser.

Sometimes, a mis-deletion of the system required file will also stop you from updating the Firefox web browser correctly. Go to Start menu > Run > type SFC.EXE /SCANNOW and press Enter to continue. This will easily initiates the Microsoft utility to scan and repair problems within the protected system files on your computer.

Finally, a registry error will also stop you from updating the web browser and bring in a Firefox update lock issue. We know that registry is regarded as the heart of the windows operating system to hold information about everything that is necessary for the proper functioning of you are operating system. Besides, it is used to stores information on your every PC activity like installing, uninstalling, program accessing etc. So a simple mistake in this database will stop some programs or the computer from running properly. When the Mozilla Firefox fails to load its required entries to display the page correctly, you will no doubt to get the Firefox update lock issue. To permanently get rid of the error, it is highly recommended to check and fix Windows registry errors immediately. You can do this either manually or automatically with an excellent freeware registry repair tool.

Well, same as the Windows update process, it is quite necessary for you to regularly update your Firefox web browser so as to enjoy it all the time. Besides, it helps to maintain PC performance against some unknown threats. If you are suffered from a Firefox update lock issue but do not what you should do, directly perform the above steps; then, you can use both the computer and the Firefox correctly.

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