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Fix computer hanging problem – Stop computer from hanging unexpectedly

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on February 1st, 2013 | Leave a comment

Sudden computer hanging is one of the common problems that users often face with while using the computer. I believe you have ever asked yourself “what should I do to stop my computer from hanging?” Well, nothing can be more frustrating than getting a computer hanging problem in the middle of some work, but this is inevitable. Trust me; there is no need to be nervous as you are able to take some solutions to stop PC from hanging easily.

stop computer from hanging

To always stop computer from hanging, first it is necessary for you to install an anti-virus program and regularly scan it for virus, which will protect it from being attached by any virus or malware. We know that once the computer is infected by a virus/malware, lots of resources will be taken when running it. So in my opinion, this is the first one you need to do in order to always make computer run properly.

Then, you should be careful with the programs on your computer. When installing programs on your computer, it is recommended that you can first search the Internet to see whether it is a malware or not. It is a virus or a spyware program; it may bring in more serious problems to the PC rather than a hanging problem. Also, when finding a program is not necessary, remember to uninstall it from the computer in time which followed with a disk and registry defragmentation.

Basically, the more programs installed in the current version, the more frequent hard disk’s input and output will be and the more chances for you to encounter a computer hanging problem. So if you can speed up disk visiting time, you can make it run smoothly without unexpected hanging. To accomplish it, we can effort from the two sides below: clean up hard disk and defragment the computer regularly.

The fourth reason to why a computer keeps hanging has something to do with the outdated or malfunctioning drivers on the PC. We need drivers to make some hardware/software to run properly, however, the outdated ones can brings in kinds of computer errors like computer hanging and error code 22. You should update all your drivers (including, graphics driver, sound driver, modem driver, and so on). To do so, follow these steps to make sure that no driver is marked with exclamation mark in the Device Manager:

*Click Start.
* Type Device Manager in the Search box.
* Locate it from the Search Results.
*Expand all the devices and make sure there’s no any device marked with exclamation mark. If so, uninstall it and then re-download & reinstall it.

With the rather simple modification above you can easily fix computer hanging problem. But if you know something about the computer, I believe you know that registry is very important for the proper running of a computer and all programs, and should be good taken care of. If you delete a necessary file improperly, some errors will happen. Hence, to safely fix registry error and fix a slow XP computer you’d better rely on a registry cleaner tool. It will thoroughly scan your computers registry to look for & remove obsolete, useless junk data and fix any registry errors. This helps to reduce the size of the registry, sometimes substantially to make the computer clean and compact all the time. This, subsequently, reduces registry lookup times and greatly improves your computer performance.

These procedures will help you detect errors or corruption existing on the PC and fix them quickly for you. After that, you will find the computer run properly without unexpected computer hanging problems. By the way, it is best that you can form a good habit in using the computer so as to stop it from hanging unexpectedly.

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