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Fix Windows update error free and enhance PC performance easily

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on March 16th, 2013 | Leave a comment

You might have come across some Windows update errors like error code 800736B3 or error code 800B0001 when trying to install some Windows update. Just as what I have ever said in my other posts, a regular Windows update job is needed to enhance PC performance as well as improve its ability against viruses. However, it should be a problem for the users to encounter various unknown Windows update error while performing such an update job. Though some sound a little rarely, they have to be looked into before bringing in some other errors to the PC.

enhance PC performance

Most of the time, you will instantly get an error message displaying when the update job fails. So, the first time you should do when getting a Windows update error code is to locate the installation error code that the computer recorded when the installation failed. Only after confirming the error code, can you fix Windows update error free correctly. To do this, simply perform the below steps:

* Click Start, and then All Programs, and then click Windows Update or Microsoft Update.
* When you are navigating to the Windows Update Web site or the Microsoft Update Web site, click Review your update history. And then a window, which shows all the updates that have been installed or that failed to install on the computer, will open.
*Then, you should click on the Status column on this window to locate the update that failed to install, and then click the red X.
* Soon, a new window will open, displaying the installation error code.
* Copy down the error number and then type it in a search box to see whether you can find some helpful solutions to fix the Windows updates fail problem and enhance PC performance by yourself. If not, turn to next step.

Secondly, you can re-download & reinstall the failed Windows updates on the PC. The update installation may come to failure due to a corrupted downloads. If this is the case for you, then you should re-download the installation package and reinstall it again to see whether you can install Microsoft updates correctly.

If possible, you can uninstall the unnecessary programs or corrupt programs from your computer. Such programs will greatly mess up the hard disk to make the system fail to timely recall the required entries to install the updates. If at this case, the computer will sooner or later show a Windows update error message. Find out the unnecessary programs and uninstall them from your computer right now.

After the above steps, scan the whole PC with an antivirus antispyware program and get rid of all computer threats. The Windows update install process must be hijacked by some viruses, spyware or other malicious applications as they are able to attack and remove any file from the computer. When some of the Windows update files were mis-deleted, the update process will come to failure. So, it is highly recommended that you should run your computer protection program to detect and remove all existing & potential threats from the computer. If you do not such program, immediately download one from the Internet.

Lastly, download and install a compatible registry cleaner tool on your computer right now. Though registry is regarded as the main component of the Windows-based operating system to store all vital settings and options, an error inside it will make the computer run abnormally and stop you from installing some Windows updates properly. For your convenience, you can give Registry Easy a try as it will solve all registry errors within clicks. After you install the registry cleaner, let it scan for errors. If you have never run such PC optimization tool before, there can be hundreds or even thousands of these errors on your PC, but don’t be shocked as you can fix them automatically with this tool. Simply click on the “Repair” button and you can instantly get rid of all these errors & fix Windows update error for free.

Once again, I just want to emphasize that a regular Windows update job is needed and it is best that you can set it to update Windows automatically. This way, you can run the computer properly all the time without worrying about some unknown threats or attacks. Performing the above right now and you can fix Windows update error free and enjoy the computer smoothly.

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