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Fix XP Start Menu problems – Why XP Start Menu Not Working and How to Fix It?

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on November 28th, 2012 | Leave a comment

The Start menu on the Windows XP operating system is possibly one of the most convenient features, useful for launching all programs installed on the computer or executing other configuration changes. Unfortunately, sometimes the Start menu may stop working due to corrupt operating system files, broken registry entries or virus infection… Thus, you may fail to easily finish some of your PC requests correctly. But, there is no need to worry too much as here I will show you how to fix XP Start menu problems instantly.

fix XP Start Menu problems

Just as what we can learn from the above discussion, why XP Start menu not working first has something to do with a missing or corrupt system file. Hence, the first thing you should do is to scan and repair such missing operating system files:
*Press Ctrl + Alt + Del simultaneously to bring the Task Manager.
*Select File -> and then New task(run)
*Type cmd in the dialogue box and then press Enter to continue.
* Type “sfc /scannow” within the Command Promopt windows and press Enter to go.
* If prompted, insert your Windows XP installation disk.

Then, the System File Checker will detect and automatically fix or replace missing or corrupt operating system files, returning you an error-free computer all the time. Most of the time, this simple job also helps to fix other errors like WG11v3.exe error.

Also, you can reinstall the Windows XP Start menu file trying to fix the Windows XP Start menu problem. To do this, simply following these steps:
*Place the XP CD in the CD drive and start up the computer.
*Press any key as prompted to boot from the CD.
*Hit “Enter” at the initial screen and “F8″ at the license terms.
*Select and highlight the drive containing XP and press “R”; this will reinstall the system files and overwrite the faulty Start menu files, solving the XP Start menu not working problem immediately.

Thirdly, make sure the computer is totally virus clean. It is notoriously know that viruses are able to attack and remove any system files from the PC, causing the computer to work strangely. If the system cannot locate the required entries to display your XP Start menu, you make fail to launch some programs or perform some requests correctly. Besides, a virus infection can greatly eat up PC resources and make computer run slowly, or even freeze up & crash at any time. It is highly advised that you can completely scan the whole PC with a trusted antivirus program and let it run in the background all the time to realtime protect your PC.

Lastly, completely scan and repair Windows registry errors. Well, Windows registry is a database which stores various info and configurations of the hardware & software added to the computer. As time goes, a wide range software installation and other files that are being used can left behind some invalid entries in your registry, causing the computer to run improperly with frequent pop-up error messages or desperately slow performance…If some entries related to the XP Start menu have been corrupt and cannot be located properly, you will soon find the XP Start Menu not working. To fix a corrupted Windows registry database, you need to use a good registry cleaner, which has the ability to thoroughly scan the whole PC and safely fix all existing & potential errors. In fact you should clean your registry regularly as part of daily computer maintenances so as to always enjoy an error-clean computer.

Well, those are causes for why XP Start menu not working and how can you fix it easily on your own. But I think it will be too late when finding the computer or Start menu now working, and it is best that you can start maintain the PC from now on. This way, you can run the computer smoothly all the time.

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