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Fltmgr.sys blue screen error – Simple tips to blue screen error quickly

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While starting up the PC, have you ever suddenly receive an error message indicating something goes wrong with the fltmgr.sys file? Fltmgr.sys is a system file and short for “Microsoft Filesystem Filter Manager” that widely used by the Windows to control various aspects of hard drives and the system files. With this file, the data written to the hard drives will be well protected all the time without random damages and corruption. When the Windows cannot read or process files on the hard drive properly, an fltmgr.sys blue screen error will appear to tell you that the File System Manager is damaged or inaccessible

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Sometimes, the fltmgr.sys blue screen error will only be a temporary issue. So, if this is the first time you get the BSOD problem error message, it is recommended that you can quit the program and re-launch it again to see whether it solves. Alternatively, you can select to reboot your computer when getting the blue screen problem.

Secondly, do remember to run your anti-virus program. Viruses and spyware programs are able to attack and remove the fltmgr.sys files or XINPUT1_3.dll from your computer, causing the blue screen to occur. If you don’t have an anti-virus, just download one and run it. It helps to thoroughly scan your whole computer to see if any viruses or Trojans may be messing with the registry or program files on your computer. If any one is detected, directly remove them from your PC.

Then, you need to install all available updates. We know that Windows updates are release to protect your computer’s security and enhance PC performance by solving some bugs in the older version. So, do remember to always download and install all required Windows updates. You can set Windows to automatically install recommended updates at a time that you specify. By the way, it is highly advised that you can download and install all driver updates for the hardware and software on your PC as they may contain a solution to deal with the fltmgr.sys blue screen error.

If after the above steps you still get a blue screen error, you can also use the system restore utility here to bring it back. Here is how you should go: Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> System Restore -> select “Restore my computer to an earlier time” and then click “Next”. Then, you can select the restore point and restore your computer to that state. With these steps, you can simply save a computer that pops up with fltmgr.sys blue screen error without paying too much, but this does not mean all degree of computer damages can be restored in this way. If the computer has been severely damaged or if you have never made a system restore point before, the only way that you should do is to re-install your system, which may result in the loss of your important data. So, the most important thing I think you need to do in your daily computer life is to know how to prevent unexpected computer blue screen errors.

If you are still encountering the fltmgr.sys blue screen error and cannot run the computer smoothly, then you need to take steps to clean up Windows registry and repair corrupted files. We know that Windows registry is the place that used to store all vital settings and options for the system. With its help, the computer can always run properly as expected. However, as you uninstall programs/remove files, it will be very easy to get corrupted with thousands of broken/missing entries. So, you can quickly download and run a registry cleaner program to detect and fix all errors inside Windows registry. A clean and compact registry database is the major assurance to ensure a proper running without unexpected computer error.

No matter which type of blue screen you get, Fltmgr.sys blue screen error or some other formats, just take it easy and follow the above steps to maintain your PC performance. With an error-free computer, you can use the computer correctly all the time without unexpected PC blue screen errors or some other issues.

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