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Free Instruction on How to Thoroughly Uninstall IntoCartoon Pro from PC

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on January 26th, 2013 | Leave a comment

IntoCartoon is software designed for conversion of photos into cartoon-like pictures or other graphic representation. Want to know how to remove IntoCartoon Pro? Got questions like is it safe to remove a unneeded program and can you do it easily without a visit to the doctor? If you are a computer novice who hasn’t performed any program removal in your daily life, follow the instruction bellow and free get rid of Intocartoon Pro completely and thoroughly.


When uninstalling applications we have always used add and remove function. If you are going to remove IntoCartoon Pro manually, there are many procedures to do.


During the first stage, you can try the built-in uninstaller tool of IntoCartoon Pro.

1. Click Start and then click “All programs”.

2. You should see IntoCartoon Pro on the list. Choose the uninstall option in its directory.

3. There will be a message that wants you to confirm the removal.

4. Choose the removal mode according to your situation.


Second step, delete the entries created by IntoCartoon Pro in the registry.

For computer novices who are experienceless, you’d better do the performance under Safe Mode. Restart your computer in Safe Mode by repeatedly pressing the F8 key during startup until the advanced options are displayed. Select Safe Mode and press ENTER.


1. Click Start and choose Run in the menu.

2. Type regedit and hit Enter.

3. On the left side is the registry settings tree, use it to go to


4. Look through each of them until you find one that has the key DisplayName (on the right) with name IntoCartoon Pro in it.

Notice the key UninstallString – this key points to the uninstall program, and the log file usually resides in the same folder as that program.

5. Delete the key in which you’ve found the DisplayName key with the value equal to IntoCartoon Pro.


What is the best prescription for removing unused software? To completely and safely uninstall program from your machine, we recommended computer users especially novices to use the following method.


You need to find a perfect “uninstaller” program, one that suits your remove IntoCartoon Pro need because it’s the best and fastest way to manage your uninstalling work. Perfect Uninstaller is good choice for you to fully uninstall those programs you don’t need on your computer. With Perfect Uninstaller, you can perform an automatic program removal.


If you have difficulty in uninstalling other programs, such as SDExplorer Pro and Magic Photo Editor, you can refer to more how to completely uninstall programs tutorials from our blog.

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