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Free system performance booster – Some PC optimization tools you must know

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Annoyed with your slow running computer? Want to boost PC system performance & run it smoothly all the time? Well, as time goes every computer will run slowly and decrease in computer performance. Actually, it is quite easy to maintain PC performance in your daily life and prevent some unexpected errors. Here are some free system performance booster programs you should know.

PC optimization tool

To always maintain computer performance, first it is necessary for you to install an anti-virus program and regularly scan it for virus, which will protect it from being attached by any virus or malware. We know that once the computer is infected by a virus/malware, lots of resources will be taken when running it. So in my opinion, this is the first one you need to do in order to always get the computer run at top performance.

Secondly, you have to make sure that the system does not automatically load too many unnecessary programs at starting up. If too mane programs load at one time, you can image how slow it is just like running many programs / opening several websites at the same time. So it is necessary for you to go to Start -> Run ->type “msconfig” to access System Configuration Utility ->disable the programs that do not need to run at windows startup within the “Startup” tab.

By the way, when trying to boost system performance, it is recommended to uninstall the unwanted programs, delete the unused files that you don’t need, and clean up the system junk files from your computer which is followed by a simple disk defragmentation – a good solution to regain a faster computer by rearranging the files on your computer. All of these rather simple steps help you easily release more available memory for the proper running of the programs on your computer.

After uninstalling the unneeded programs, run the disk defragmenter to put everything in order. We all know that a fragmented hard disk will significantly make a computer sluggish for it always takes very longer time to reassemble all parts of the same files locate at a single place of the hard disk. So a regular disk defragmentation is needed in order to make the computer always work at peak performance. To accomplish it, you can go to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tool -> Disk Defragmenter to begin the defragment process. If there are many hard disks, please defragment them one by one. But to enjoy faster defragment process, it is recommended that you can rely on a professional defrag program to defragment your computer. By the way, if you cannot defrag your computer, you can directly visit here.

Finally, run a registry cleaner. When uninstalling programs from computer, it is hoped to remove not only the files, but also the related registry from the computer. However, normally there is still some unneeded information remaining in the registry. And the computer is not wise enough to know what is needed, so it will spend a lot of time reading information that means no sense, which result in slow running computer or seriously, random computer freezing-ups or crashes. So a registry cleaner is needed is one system performance booster that you should not ignore

To sum, those PC optimization tools help to easily boost system performance and make them run correctly all the time. If you do not want to run a computer with frequent error messages, unexpected restarts/shutdowns, or even computer crashes, take this system performance booster programs on a regular basic. I believe you will soon enjoy a well optimized computer within clicks.

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