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Free Tutorial on How to Uninstall IsoBuster Completely from Your Computer

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IsoBuster is a data recovery computer program to recover data / files / movies / music from CD, DVD, BD and HD DVD. There might be times that you want to uninstall IsoBuster out of reasons like you want to try anotherrogram or you found it would slow down your PC performance. Need help in uninstalling Windows software instantly? Try to uninstall IsoBuster as well as other unwanted programs from your computer with the following tutorial.

Instruction on uninstalling IsoBuster manually

1. Click Start, and then click Run. Type taskmgr in the box and then press OK to open Task Manager. End all programs in Task Manager.

2. Click Start and then Click Control Panel.

3. Double click Add/Remove Programs.

4. In the list of currently installed programs, select IsoBuster, and then choose Remove.

5. Follow the prompts to finish the removal of IsoBuster.


Delete IsoBuster related files if not completely uninstalled

1. Navigate to the “Program Files” folder in Windows Explorer and click the “IsoBuster” folder. Right-click the folder and select delete to remove it.

2. Select the “Common Files” folder inside the Program Files and open the “IsoBuster” folder. Delete the folder if it exists.

3. Navigate to your “Documents and Settings” folder and choose the folder specific to your user name. Open the “Application data” older and then open the “IsoBuster” folder. Remove the files from inside. Remove the same files from the “All users” folder inside the “Documents and Settings” folder.

4. Open the “Start Menu” folder and select “Programs.” Delete the IsoBuster file if it exists. Navigate back to the “All Users” folder and select “Desktop.” Delete the IsoBuster file from the folder if it exists.


Safe and Easy Way to Uninstall IsoBuster

When you are in a need of removing IsoBuster and other programs, you can complete the removals very easily with the right tools. I personally had great success with the professional uninstall tool named Perfect Uninstaller. Not only does it remove main program but also other all the components and leftover files of the program from system one and for all. What’s more, you can free download Perfect Uninstaller and install it on your computer within one minute. See? This is exactly what I’m talking about. You can also successfully and easily uninstall unwanted IsoBuster within steps.


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